Building top performers — the example of Uber, “Yandex.Taxi”, and courier service Dostavista

“Datavista” service priority courier, which works on the model of Uber. We receive orders through the website, the couriers are working through the mobile app. Launched in August 2012, when five months came to 60 deliveries per day, there was a need to rank the couriers. To eliminate inadequate performers — the main task of the rating, and the old version do.

Operators regularly received complaints unhappy with the rating couriers. First it was not critical, but as the project grew and the number of complaints. So much so, that operators are required to prohibit questions about the rating of couriers. So emerged the first problem.

The rating takes into account, arrived a courier to the customers specified time interval. To do this, the application uses the mark of the arrival — check in. Some carriers resisted the temptation to check the transfer of the parcel. It turned out that we lie to customers and get incorrect information on the route of the courier. This problem led to errors in planning.

Had to put up with another problem that has to be addressed on a small scale we do not seen. We mistakenly block a lot of couriers. In August the market “Gardener” in Zhulebino courier Vladimir took the client with a set of clothes to deliver to “the Preobrazhenskiy area”.

While Vladimir went on Preobrazhenka, to the client, a courier arrived from the other service. From another courier smelled stale. The client refused to transfer the goods in indignation, confused courier service, erroneously leaving a negative review about Vladimir. The operator took Vladimir with the order and blocked the account in the application, denying access to new orders.

An hour later Vladimir drove up to “Preobrazhenskaya square”, opened the app and, to put it mildly, surprised. Injustice and wealth at the hands of forced Vladimir to contact the Manager “Dostaviti” and to resolve problems. As a result, the account of the courier we unban, the rating was returned, the delivery was done on time.

So it became clear that the rating worsens the working conditions of performers in three directions. Every autumn courier is not enough. So in August we decided to address the issue of staff turnover.

Rating old rating took into account three indicators, each of which was assigned a weight. Are the statistics of the estimates for August 2015. 34 thousands of “fives”, 1150 “fours” and thousands less than other estimates.

With seven thousand “fives” with comments — so many comments to “fives” we didnt expect. To better understand how customers perceive the couriers rating, for each evaluation we have created a word cloud of the comments.

Conclusions. Before to change something, we looked at how the ratings of other operators, which operate on similar business models. In two Uber rating.

Driver and passenger. The interface is designed so that the customer can leave the driver without evaluation, but the driver of the client — no. According to the operator, Uber drivers in Russia have blocked the rating below 4.3 points. However, low scores and there is much less than the reality, because passengers fear of retaliation drivers. About the Uber passenger rating is little evidence, however, there is one negative review about its adequacy.

If the driver put the passenger rating lower than “four”, the operators of the service will contact driver for details. All four respondents unanimously stated that basically put 4 or 5. Too lazy to communicate with operators.

The rating of the driver “Yandex.Taxi” is calculated at 45 days, has a five-point rating scale, beginners start with 3.3 points. The rating will be reduced if some time not to take orders. Rating no passengers. In the Appendix and on the website it is hard to find by rated below the Quartet.

For each order taking customer feedback over the phone. On the basis of the internal instructions of the operator translates the feedback into a scale in which ratings of 3, 4, 5, 5+ and 5++. Still harder. The order is prescribed on the basis of the reputation of the artist, in which, in addition to the rating, takes into account the experience.

The performers do not know exactly how their rating is calculated. Since September, individual controller calls unhappy customers and inquire as to why the review was negative. Every day we remove on average 3-4 of the ban from 10.

To make it clear why we unban courier, said the problem classification. Full version of MindMap here. Instead of check-ins and average of last 20 trips to the new rating takes into account only the arithmetic mean across the last five assessments. Check-ins work, but the rating is not affected.

Each rating below 4 gets queued on the call. After a call with the courier either leave, or put in a 4 rating. Couriers without bad ratings will be available to customer feedback and the algorithm of rating calculation. For any negative question the client regarding the rating or review — lifetime ban.

The Uber rating of the drivers eyes. If you have five, youre just a normal driver, if below — something not well. That is, all drivers have to constantly put up with the fact that they are doing something well enough.

Since the “fives” with comments seven times more than all the other estimates together, if you increase the dispersion (variance) of the estimates, then the rating will allocate the segment couriers-guru. Courier work — serious work, with many logistical problems. Sometimes the performer has required incredible effort not to disrupt the order. Executed the order on time and without error — its five.

Ideally completed a particularly difficult order is above five. Therefore, the assessment 5 review with the new rating assigns a value of 6. According to our hypothesis, this should motivate stronger couriers, which has got a tough orders, because people will understand that additional efforts are taken into account in the assessment.

In the nearest plans — to enter the rating of customers and make the rating scale couriers 3-point. Bad, normal and fine. Each variant will have the opportunity to leave a comment. Post to couriers in a closed group in “Vkontakte” about the new rating.

In General, history with the rating we came to the following conclusions. There is a wide class of services in which payment for services is posadochka. In such services, the loyalty system is built practically the same. Therefore, we will continue to examine the mechanics of the ratings in local and foreign examples.

Kidsout, YouDo, Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Lyft. On what services will be advised to draw the attention of readers.


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