Bukza €? Service For Creation And Automation Of Booking Of Goods Or Services

Today in the category of “Startups” — b2b-Bukza service that allows businesses to organize and automate the process of reservation of goods and services. From bike rental to lease. Pass the microphone.

My name is Mikhail Kolesnikov, Im 30 years old, 9 years of which I worked as a developer in outsourcing company. After that I managed to find an investor in the United States and convince him (at low rate) to trust me rewriting his legacy of service. Also stipulated was my opportunity to start this project in Russia.

However, he said that does not understand neither in the subject area or technology, and gave me the will to choose their own architecture and supported functionality. I decided not to miss this opportunity, resigned, and went into development. Writing code took six months, and eight months left to cover all code with tests, manual testing, load testing, bug fixing and documentation writing.

I understand that the service is not innovative, to be called a startup, nevertheless, I tried to bring in something that is not found in other similar products. Bukza is a b2b service that allows you to embed a website widget rent and booking of their services. These services quite a lot even on the Russian market.

In “Bucsa”, and probably in many similar projects, there are. The accept credit card payment interface to manage bookings, send customizable transactional emails on behalf of the company, adding additional fields in reservation form, support for coupons, gift cards and so on. Time setting work is not based on fixed time slots, as in other services. In our case, there are rules, located on priorities, each of which is tied to the calendar, iCalendar (Google Calendar, Outlook and so on), which supports the recursiveness of any complexity, with the exception of dates and stuff.

What does it do?. For example, if you pass the football stadium, but it is the training or event on a specific schedule, you will easily be able to make these periods not available for booking. Or if you need to define different prices for a rental on the weekend, you can create a rule with the calendar for the weekend and to override any of the booking options and prices.

Setting of tariffs not as restricted as in many other services. Here, in addition to the standard set of tariffs with defined prices and rent for the whole establishment, it is possible to make discounts and allowances, calculated according to a mathematical formula on the parameters of booking and certain terms and conditions. Booking calendar, unlike other systems, allows customers and by the Manager to quickly see the occupancy level and rates on different time scales (months, days, hours, minutes).

There are many different functional features, and the whole system is initially designed to be as flexible as possible. However, because of this she has a pretty complex organization. However, before doing the simplification and automation of the interface, you want to get feedback from real users. I have respect for the creators of current services and I had no illusions about his service, but I will be glad to listen to criticism from experts.

The link to install the app to the community in “Vkontakte”. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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