“Can I Lead This Person?” — What Do You Think HR Managers When Meeting With Applicants

“No matter have you ever been on a matter of the number of interviews, or passed them a million times — its always a difficult thing. You are not only struggling to show their best side, but also trying to understand the interlocutor, to collect as much information as possible about the position and internal culture of the company. If you ask my Manager what its like to make a decision about hiring, most likely she will answer that it is not an easy task. Make the right choice can be difficult, especially when choosing from several highly qualified candidates. How to tip the scales in their favor.

In addition to good preparation for the interview, try to put yourself in the place of the man who sits opposite you,” says Westlake. “The Manager wont hire someone if you dont believe in the opportunity to work with him. Managers are different. Some expect that subordinates will perform duties in conditions of minimum control, or lack thereof. Others want them to be constantly kept up to date, reconciled to schedules, conduct regular meetings,” writes the author.

In her opinion, people who rely on frequent feedback to the supervisor is difficult to work with laid-back, relaxed head. And Vice versa. Those who value independence and prefer to work autonomously, have meticulous hard, delve into the details of the head. How to behave when your prospective boss evaluates you in the interview process.

For starters, you can show yourself attentive listener, establishing eye contact, taking notes, asking questions and giving insightful answers. Westlake advises to ask a potential boss to describe his management style. If you find that it does not coincide with the expectations of the applicant, it recommends to think about the feasibility of working in such a position. “The people who conduct the interview, I want you to not only understand what youre getting into, but doing your homework. Make sure that you studied the job description and try to match the experience with the duties of the job for which you apply.

Most managers usually begin the interview with simple questions, for example, asked to tell about yourself. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate understanding of assigned role,” writes Westlake. She advises to tell us about your experience so that it looked appropriate jobs. “Another good way to show that you understand where arranged — ask questions about the job, showing that you do not just read the job description”.

“It is important to show that the company is causing you true delight. Of course, not every interview takes place in the company of your dreams, but try to find a place that you are interested. The company recently ranked among the best employers. The organizational unit that you get, is developing innovative products. The Director General mentioned in a reputable publication.

Take the time to study publications, familiarity with which can help in the interview,” recommends Westlake. At the meeting, she advises to ask questions about the team, the work style and corporate culture. This will show that the candidate is an interesting company as a whole, not only the position to which he aspires. It will also demonstrate that the applicant does not care whether he fit into the team. “To a certain extent the success of an employee affect his head.

Your potential boss wants to be sure that if you take time off or will be forced to miss the meeting, you will not fail. If you are good at your job and positioning yourself correctly, then it looks good. If you sit back while the boss is on vacation, miss a very important letter, then the superior will probably be unhappy with both of you,” says Westlake. To convince future leader, that he has before him credible candidate, the author recommends to find out that the boss appreciates the team members. You can ask about it directly, or ask a question about what he expects from the man who will take over the position.

“At the end of the interview when your future boss asks whether you what to add, try saying. “I really appreciate everything you told me about the work and your expectations. I think that my experience and working style are well suited to the team. I want to let you know. You can count on me as an active and responsible employee”.

“The interview process can be grueling for both parties, especially if the interviewer consistently meets with several candidates. It doesnt always happen, but sometimes the interviewer may be distracted. He may be hungry, tired, thinking about the approaching deadline; regardless of the reason, it happens. Obviously you cant control the internal factors that affect your partner, but can try to be the most interesting and attractive candidate. Ask a friend to help you practice answering popular questions.

Let him tell you about your behavior. Facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, voice, content of answers. You lower your eyes and speak a dull, monotonous voice. If you are not interested in your own responses, you cannot expect that they will interest someone else,” writes Westlake. She advises him to answer questions short and sweet.

For this you can use a formula. Response + example + the result. “For example, on the question of how you manage your time, you can answer that. “I control time, prioritizing your responsibilities. For example, if I simultaneously work on two projects, the priority is more complex, or more urgent.

In the past its always helped. In fact, I am often praised for what I cope with heavy loads without breaking deadlines””.

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