Candyset — service for the delivery of the finished sets with sweets

Hi. My name is Andrew, Im 20 years old. Work in “Yandex” designer of the product. A few words about the idea.

Russia as a unique country in terms of Commerce, in our country there is everything and nothing at the same time. Sweets and confectionery of European production in the stores are rare. This is mainly of domestic units, which produce those or other sweets under the brand name of well-known brands, but they are few, and tastes completely different. Came nahlebalsya idea to bring all the sweetness that only you can deliver to Russia, and to unite them in one cozy service, where the user will gather their own box, and send to any address within Russia.

It was planned to be done and a subscription to sweet kits every month, with new and exotic sweets. Having understood a little bit, found that to bring at least a tenth of European sweets was not easy for many reasons, in financial terms — doubly. Slow speed and having assessed the situation, stopped at the delivery of the finished sets with sweets.

The first sets we made up ourselves, in the future we plan to increase the number of boxes of exotic sweets, and of course to reach the end point, when all the sweets in Russia can be ordered in one place. While things are going well and we hope for your support. The idea of bringing all the sweets in Russia drives us, and we wont let her.

The website. Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup.

Welcome to the tribune.


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