Cars, Energy, Metal: Why Young High-tech And Industrial Companies Choose Switzerland

Engineering, energy and metals industry — one of the largest sectors of Switzerland. The backbone of this sector is not large, and small and medium-sized enterprises, the authorities actively support, offering different benefits and attracting young talents to research in the field. Tell as the Swiss engineering industry, power industry and metallurgy has become as flexible as other less conservative areas, and why young projects should look to this market.

The material is published with the support of international organization for the promotion of trade and investment Switzerland Global Enterprise and its Russian representation of the Swiss business support center in Russia, providing support to Russian companies interested in entering international markets. MEM-cluster combines three industry — machinery, energy and metals. Enterprises in these fields in Switzerland — some of the largest employers and exporters in the country. These companies in all its regions, but the main centers of industry were the cantons of Zurich, Aargau, Rheintal, Canton of Ticino, Valais and Central Switzerland.

The sector employs over 14 500 companies and employs more than 300 thousand people. Almost 80% of production is exported, around 60% in European Union countries and the total share of industry in countrys exports is more than 30%. In the cluster are as large and well-known worldwide companies (e.g. energy Corporation ABB, a manufacturer of elevators and escalators Schindler group, Rieter, watch brands Swatch, Rolex and others) and small and medium — sized companies and those in Switzerland a large part.

This, according to representatives of the country, lies the secret of the effectiveness of cluster. Small and innovative firms focused on selling product overseas, help to build a flexible infrastructure and to develop the traditionally conservative and “hard” market. Among the Russian organizations in the cluster are running the power company Strimer.

The company specializes in manufacturing equipment that is designed to protect overhead transmission lines and associated facilities from harmful effects of the lightning activity. On the Swiss market, she came after I discovered that in Russia it has become too “crowded” and it was time to explore new territory. General Director of “Streamer” and the groups top managers went to the country on a tour at the invitation of the authorities — to get acquainted with the local market and order of business.

“We were amazed at the attitude of officials. They really do everything to make the business feel more comfortable. We were told how to save on taxes, told how cheaper and easier to employ foreign experts, if we see the need,” — says the head of the “Streamer” Ivan Zhitenev. Entrepreneur advises immediately to meet with officials and representatives of authorities of regions of interest — not only do they explain how its better to work in Canton and what benefits you can get, but will also help to arrange meetings with the necessary bodies and associations.

When choosing a Canton Zhitenev recommends to carefully examine all the alternatives and conduct a thorough analysis of the proposed conditions. Also, you should figure out the region in which the company is really waiting for. For this you need to provide the authorities with your project. This will help organization dedicated to the support of foreign companies in the country — for example, Swiss Business Hub.

Swiss engineering, energy and Metalworking enterprises are actively investing in research, most of which is conducted within the country. In General, developments in the field of mAAM in Switzerland are 40% of scientists — more than in any other industry. Second place is held by the chemicals and pharmaceuticals account for 25% of professionals. The industry is not “aging” and consistently receives young staff from universities.

The machine technology and engineering is the second most popular field of study among applicants after information technologies. However, many experts in it education, then also find application in companies MEM-cluster, and it innovations are widely introduced into production. Switzerland also has eight National technology networks that offer the platform for exchange of knowledge, experience and technologies in important industry areas — Photonics, composite materials and other.

The government finances research in the field — in particular, it is ready to cover up to 50% of costs in joint projects between University laboratories and companies, MEM-cluster. Intellectual property rights in such developments, while ensuring the company. One of the reasons why companies open their production facilities and offices in Switzerland — strong brand of the country. In fact, the Swiss Made marking (“Made in Switzerland”) tells the customer about quality, durability, reliability of the product for its customers are willing to pay.

Some of the most ardent “fans” of the brand — Russians, Chinese, Brazilians and Indians. On average, they are willing to pay more for Swiss up to 40% of the cost of goods. In order to obtain the right to write on their products Swiss Made, you cant just open a factory in Switzerland, we still have to follow some rules. A certain percentage of the item cost (including the cost of raw materials, semi-finished products, accessories, wages, marketing, and distribution) must have local producers.

For industrial products plank is 60%. All the key stages of production must also reside in the country. The law protects local businesses from fakes. It is not observing these conditions cannot be used for the marking of products not only the phrase Swiss-Made, but Suisse Produit suisse, Fabriqué en Suisse, Qualité suisse or their translations, Swiss or Swiss Movement.

In addition to other privileges to entrepreneurs who are in more detail discussed in previous materials, for the MEM-cluster of the country there are agreements on the mutual recognition of procedures for compliance and quality with more than 30 other countries. Such agreements allow manufacturers to do double the same work on testing of equipment, respectively, helping to save money for international expansion. Regulation of the rights of businessmen and protection projects in the industry engaged in the following organizations.

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