Case Beauty: How To Bring A Single-page Website To The Top Of “Yandex” With The Conversion Of 27.5%

Almost every entrepreneur, promoting your product or service using the Internet. Social network, website, ad campaign “Yandex” and Google. Your website is already a common phenomenon. Single page websites are a good help because the resource is aimed at a specific target group that is looking for a specific product. The more precisely defined target audience, the more effective is lead generation and higher conversion.

Today we will touch on the promotion of single page websites through SEO. Ill do it on the example of the case “beauty center Eugene Gaverdovsky” by revealing several important techniques that allow the landing to stay at the top of “Yandex” and create a conversion rate of nearly 30%. Usually odnostranichnik progressing through contextual advertising, social media, various advertising platforms, guerrilla marketing and so on.

It works, but the cost of advertising can be simply enormous. The higher the competition, the more expensive it is. Hardly anyone uses the website promotion through SEO. Perhaps the experts dont know how to do it properly, or just dont want to waste time on it.

Will show what work I have done with the team SaturD. I note the importance of teamwork. No “free single”, no matter how competent he may be, will not be able to achieve the conversion of 27.5%, even if one would work for days. This explanation is for those who want to save money on promoting your product using a “cheap” specialist.

Then you will understand why it doesnt work. In the promotion of single page websites, there is only one problem — in the content for different keywords the same. This is what leads to the fact that your landing page can fall under sanctions search engines. About SEO then cant speak.

Lets say you know nothing about Internet marketing and promotion — we have only fragments of knowledge, and you drew in the imagination the approximate picture of the action. You will learn about jugovostocnoi SEO-promotion. For advertising no need to pay a website to the top commercial keys, beauty.

Begin to implement themselves, or “expensive specialist”. Create a semantic core, and even manage to do that under every key is your “title”. In the end, the search engine sees your site for the low-frequency key, comes back, and there on every request the same content. No benefit, only sanctions.

We now proceed directly to our case and see what allows the site to stay in the top 10, top 5, and some requests to take the first row in the search results. I started with semantics. This is not news, but lets look at how I created the semantic – and why not under sanctions search engines. Site beauty center is a landing page, landing page.

But for search engines it is not. By clicking on the link “site map”, the user will see a large number of low-frequency keywords. This query each search engine considers a separate page as a multipage website.

But unlike mnogostanochnikov where pages are connected by links and menu items here, landing only connected by the map, which is in the footer. Driving any of these keys to “Yandex”, you will see that the landing is in the top. The formation of semantics, which you see, going through the script in automatic mode by multiplying keywords. Into detail I will not.

Let me just say that on the landing semantics formed on the basis of approximately 15 thousand low-frequency key requests. That is, for search engines this site has the same number of pages is comparable to Ebay, for example. In some queries, you may see the error. Its the job of a script that does not know how to persuade some of the words, but the client and the search is not reflected.

To create the kernel I used artificial semantics. That is, he took all the words, which would “sanisettes”. Also, when mapping the semantic core I analyzed key competitors and all the key queries.

– Created based on the target audience — the moment important but often ignored. In our case it is women from the VIP segment. All the garbage not related to the target audience type the words “cheap” or “inexpensive” is cut off. Then all the work done we have developed a script that by multiplying words and combinations has created a semantic kernel.

We worked powerfully semantics for this landing, and covered, if not all, very much — up to metro stations. To build up an effective semantic core is not everything. Next will be more interesting.

And about the sanctions and about mistakes, and about high conversion. Headings, subheadings, well-written “title” — all this affects the promotion of the landing page in the search engines, but this is almost everyone knows. When a person scores a particular keyword, he receives a specific and targeted response.

For example, a girl is looking for a service hair extensions in Aprelevka”. It is low frequency, and sales call. She scored it in “Yandex” and sees the following picture. For this query my landing page ranked in the top 5 in organic results.

The probability that the website will be reviewed. To request this service from a superior competitor, the girl will not. It will open all the top tabs, view them, and only then what she had in mind. When clogged such request, on the landing there is a substitution of content.

If a customer searches for a service in Aprelevka — please, if you are looking for in Sokolniki is Sokolniki. Content changes from its key customers request. Customer more loyal to that site where he gets a clear answer to your query. This increases the conversion.

The mistake is to move the site to a large number of keys, when you change the tag “title”. The search robot sees that there is a response to a query by key, but the content remains everywhere one and the same. For this fine, to impose sanctions, is lowered to the bottom. It buries your SEO.

On the other hand, and what to do. To move in a small number of keys. This is also an option, and for some queries you can get to the top, but the effectiveness of this landing page will be much lower traffic will not be enough.

We due to the large number of keys and the substitution of content we collect “every little helps” vysokotsenovoj a decent amount of traffic. The website for the search robot looks like a multi-page. The content in “title”, descriptor and header H1 is changed from the request of a potential client and, most importantly, is duplicated, and therefore are not afraid of sanctions. For Google, this will only work in the case when your domains high authority.

This is achieved backintime trust resources. Landing moves only in “Yandex”, and this is more than enough to load all the masters work. Back to a 27.5% conversion. What affects it.

In this case I use a multi-stage sales. Simplified and step by step it looks like this. Thus the contact with potential buyers and build trust.

The result is a loyal customer who is ready to take advantage of our offer. And further all as usual — is assigned a convenient time, a group of specialists is dispatched to perform its task. To develop strategy, competitor analysis, recruitment semantics, scripting, copywriting, email marketing, the design, layout and whatnot, we spent about 1.5 months.

This landing had not been advanced or promoted in any other way except through SEO. The traffic created by the mass of low-frequency queries. And most importantly, what that traffic is the most targeted. To promote a single-page site to the top using SEO, you need to make it multi-page for search engines.

Analyze competitors, work on semantic kernel, to specify the maximum number of keywords, including those that do not guess your competitors. This is only possible with the involvement of the business owner or a specialist company. Make adaptive the title and “title” with the substitution of content.

Dont forget about the handle. The man who first came to your site, should understand where he was and whether he will get an answer to your request. Structure landing on the semantic units to gradually guide the client to the target action. In each block, write the mandatory headers H1.

Errors can be used in order to avoid repetition of words. For example, instead of “extensions” you can write “extensions”. This is a mistake, but there is no duplication of words, and harsh sanctions from search engines. To use this technique, you decide.

In any case, dont duplicate content, errors or synonyms.

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