Case “Leroy Merlin”, An Advertising Campaign From Givenchy And Uber And Testing Of Joint Broadcasts In Instagram

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. Sberbank and “Yandex” has signed an agreement of intent to create a joint venture on the basis of “Yandex.Market”. The total project is estimated at 60 billion rubles. The deal provides for the creation of the new site, the partners will be involved in the development of “Yandex.Market”, the audience has more than 20 million people per month.

The joint project will include “the ecosystem of electronic Commerce”, which includes services for selling and buying physical and digital goods, as well as related products and services. Apple has registered the official account in Instagram to show photos taken by iPhone users. Google AdWords upgraded extensions for mobile ads. Mobile sitelinks now become interactive and scrolled in the carousel view.

And refinement and a structured description got more space. Facebook launches platform for Watch videos created by exclusive partners of the social network. Service with dozens of videos from August 11 will be available in the US — in the desktop, mobile version and Facebook apps for TV. Main content sports, cooking and entertainment shows, serials.

Publishers will be able to share something in the feed Facebook, and users in turn will be able to choose the video, subscribe, comment and communicate with each other and the authors of the video. It is expected that for exclusive content, users will be more likely to read the tape in Facebook. Google AdWords has made changes to the categories of excluded content for campaigns. Some old settings of site categories are no longer available in new campaigns. For example, category “Gambling” or “Forums”.

In the beginning of 2018 all campaigns will be automatically transferred to a new set of settings, and some settings will be unavailable. The Google AdWords team strongly recommends to manually update the settings to the end of 2017. Facebook will block advertisers and the pages are cloaking links to sites that violate company policy. The identification of violators will deal with machine learning algorithms and special staff.

Facebook announced the closing of individual apps for groups. Now this functionality will only be available in the main app, the social network. Facebook will add two new metrics to analyze the audience reach of ads on the social network. Gross Impressions (total audience) and Auto-refresh Impressions (coverage autobrowsing ads).

Total audience reach can be seen in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook Audience Network. And the second metric will show you how to change the number of ads in the right column of the desktop version of Facebook when you update your unit. Pinterest launches video ads that start playing automatically with the sound off. This format is available for all advertisers, including those who buy advertising the service through self-service platform or API. Video ads will continue to appear in news feeds and search results.

Maximum video duration is 30 minutes. Instagram is testing the function of the joint live broadcasts. It allows the user to add a guest during the broadcast, the corresponding button appears in the lower right corner of the application. After that the screen will be divided into two parts.

Viewers will still be able to leave Likes and comments for broadcast. “Yandex.Direct” added data queries from search sites, advertising networks in the report “Search terms”. Now its going all the requests in response to which an ad was shown to the advertiser, the search for “Yandex” and partner search. Data queries from search sites available from the 13th of June 2017. Facebook launches dynamic ads for real estate.

This allows you to configure retargeting on visitors to the sites of realtors. In the ads Facebook will combine information uploaded by realtors, with the data that the system is able to collect from their sites and applications. An experimental case study on the use of interactive “stories” in Instagram to announce the opening of the store “Leroy Merlin” from the advertising Agency “April”. Nissan has timed the release of the video entertainment for the 60th anniversary model Nissan Skyline.

A pig from South Africa and named Picasso drew a picture. The artwork consists of a complex web of lines on the basis of which was later built the race track. The company has offered to drive famous racing driver Michael Krum. He accepted the challenge and overcame the track. About who was the author of a complicated drawing, the athlete learned at the end of the race.

IKEA in the new 25-minute video beat the ASMR effect (Autonomous sensory Meridian response) is a perceptual phenomenon, characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the nape, extending in the form of needles on the skin of the neck and back. Almost half an hour the audience can enjoy various pleasant sounds like the creaking of new bedding or pillows rustle svejenarublennoyi. Video is intended to relax the audience after the stress of a long day.

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