Case: Limited Launch Audio Calls In Telegram Turned Into A Viral Campaign Messenger

Users spontaneously began to “infect” each other with new function. 30 March, the Telegram announced the launch of audio calls. Formally, the function is only open to users from Western Europe.

However, it turned out that the inhabitant of any country can accept the challenge from another person by installing the latest version of the application, after which the user is able to make calls independently. The ability to access other users access to voice calls triggered the viral spread of a new function in the Telegram opened spontaneous chats, which promised “to call and to enable phone calls”. Also among users of social networks began to appear, want to “connect” the audio calls to others.

It is unknown whether it was a planned admission to the theater, but many users found the function of PR stunt. OK, call me a Telegram, thanks. The owner OMMG Technology Sergey Kravtsov expressed the opinion that the serial connection of users to new function was chosen to distribute the load. The publisher of “Medusa” Elijah Dyer, and technical Director Samat Galimov found that the Telegram in a short period of time makes it possible to make only 50 calls, and after blocking a user for this feature.

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