Case Travel Service “Civitate”: As The Blog Began To Bring 26% Of Visits To The Site And Stimulate Sales

Marketing expert Pauline Gladysh wrote a column about the launch a content project for your service “, Kivimaki”. She told how two years blog with minimal investment was able to successfully integrate into the organic results, and now generates 26% of all sessions “Civitate”. I almost single-handedly launched the “Aerocity” to attract traffic to the site.

To come to 55 thousand sessions in a month and to reach self-sufficiency, it was necessary to decompose the process of creating a guide, to give copywriting on the side and risk. “Kimitake” — a service for booking travel transfers, which is being developed in Izhevsk and is in the top 5 world players of the transfer market. It covers 86 countries and collects on the Russian locale to 250 thousand visitors per month.

A content project we decided to enter to help: We chose the theme of transportation between two points (usually the airport and the city) and began to write the transport guides, collecting in them all the information on transport, schedules, prices and bus stops on the route. Each guide is optimized for multiple keys, but the main we did a search query “how to get from A to B”.

First, for the top 100 airports is the high-frequency and mid-frequency queries. For example, the query “how to get from Prague airport” is depending on the season 1-2 thousand impressions per month. Secondly, people who are looking for information about travelling from the airport to the city, still undecided on what exactly they want to go.

These are the cool clients that may be interested in the Shuttle but with the same success can look for the cheapest transport in the region. In addition to the key “how to get” we captured all the related semantics. About distances, modes of transport, prices and so on. Each block was independently optimized unit.

For example, in the section about “Bus from Barcelona airport” we were and “rates the bus from El Prat” and “the bus timetables from Barcelona airport”. The semantics for English speaking guides, we select using Wordstat. First, I reviewed all of the key points of departure (e.g. “Barcelona”). Eventually I realized that interesting to us requests a limited number.

Now Im looking for along with the point of departure of the action (to reach, to reach, to arrive), types of transport and their possible synonyms, questions about the distance and travel time. The semantics of cost and schedule is always tied to the type of transport, separately to find its not worth it. The result is a smooth column for 20+ positions with a rough list of what issues arise with tourists about the route from A to B.

Im not a fan of direct occurrences. Therefore, the texts get rather readable than optimized. This does not prevent them to get the results we need for queries. We immediately discussed that “Aeroguide” — the project is not advertising.

It was decided not to impose the transfer and not to belittle the dignity of other modes of transport. Shuttle service and taxis was just one of the methods with their pros and cons. The reader should not have the impression that he sell the goods.

It looks like most of our guides. We equally recommend as buses, shuttles, and taxis: This approach upsets the CEO, and I constantly require schemes to improve the conversion.

But I sincerely hope that we do not change marketing “with a human face” a thousand pop-UPS “Buy a Shuttle now!”. In addition to the standard set of links in header and footer we added each guide two pools links. Single — unit taxi which leads to the popular routes from point A. Often the person who wants to go to Karlovy vary, looking for first transport from Prague airport to the city, that is generates multiple destinations.

He tells us that he can drive straight from the airport to the door of your hotel in Karlovy vary. The second block of links at the end. For all foreign destinations it is supplemented with guides about Moscow airports. Because most of our readers will fly to Verona and Madrid is exactly one of these three Yaroslav.

If we have guides in line with the region, then links to them will appear here. On your tour are two grocery pages. Point a and A route, the text under the cut. This is done for purely technical reasons — to share weight trust pages.

“Aeroguide” there is a link in the footer of the main site, but we receive less than 1% of all traffic. 85% of visits: visits from organic search, and another 10% were direct visits. From August until December 2015, we have created 20 guides and got dismal performance from Google Analytics. 349 session on all pages of guides, eight crossings on the product page with the firm and a single order, and shall not direct, but associate for 60 days.

We were not so concerned with the lack of orders (for this scenario we were ready), but a small number of sessions. We started gathering the statistics and realized that made it to the top only a few low-frequency queries, but to compete with vysokochastotnaya we have not obtained. Besides, for all we relevant queries in the top 10 were some of our partner sites.

Whats the point of trying to knock off the first place on request “How to get from the airport Charles-de-Gaulle in Paris?” if they have: In January 2016, the management has set the bar to reach 3000 by may sessions with guides monthly. And I was sitting over 300 sessions and was sad. It was necessary to change strategy.

Options for development there were only two. To improve the quality or increase the volume. We knew that even if we change the structure of the guide and make it more detailed, we have little chance to produce more interesting content than the affiliate sites. After all, our main competitors in the results is people who are narrow-geographical blogs and live abroad.

So we decided to increase the number of guides and write off 4 per month and 20. The creation of the guide, we were divided into distinct stages: Gathering information and writing the actual text — not the most difficult but the most labor-intensive process.

We decided to give it to the party. To this end, we made friends with good players — company CloudContent, and gave them a specification for the guides. The basis of the requirements specification — structure, which is built each of our guide. The first paragraph about all types of transport, the second — about features on the route, and the third the description of the resort or the airport.

Then how to fill each section about buses, trains and so on. But it was not enough and I have a few tens of times to finish the requirements to maximize the stereotyped. Now TK contains 200 rows. The difficult moments arose when describing a complex route, for example, from Domodedovo airport to Moscow.

To get from the airport to home or hotel by “Aeroexpress”, people will spend not 450 rubles and 45 minutes. Upon arriving to Paveletsky station, walk going to metro to pay for the ticket, expect the squad, and then to get from the metro to the house. I wanted to “Aeroguide” reflect the real route of the person, not the bare numbers. With new assistants by may 2016 we have written 88 guides.

Apparently, this number was the same critical mass that was needed for the project. In may we received 3916 sessions, 364 transition to the product and six orders. Despite the still small number of orders, people started coming to us from search and, even better, go to the product page of transfer. Behavioural indicators were also pleased.

Of 4.01% failure rate, 2.67 pages per session, 1 min 55 sec — the average duration of viewing. This information was announced by the search networks, “Aeroguide” — useful for client content. But as the guides were located in the blog on the main domain “, Kivimaki”, the loyalty of the SS was spread on the landing page transfers. But 4000 with a total of 145 000 sessions still looked impressive.

If prior to may 2016, we took the popular requests and directions of the conversion for us Shuttle routes (often overseas), at the beginning of the summer we decided to bet on the direction of Russia. Minuses of the solution was enough:

“Aerocity” is primarily SEO-the story. No one begins to work into the season with promotion in search engines. All seasonal offers create for six months and actively saturate their links. This is logical, because while you will create the text until you place it until it will index and the PS until he gets the ultimate reader — the season will end. Transfer well sold on the Russian market for travel abroad.

If we are talking about the transfer service in Russia, most customers will shrug their shoulders and call Uber. Minus the language barrier and fear to get lost, this transfer is not understandable to Russians. Information about how to get from A to B according to the Russian areas of the Russian language in times more than for foreign routes. If describing a trip from Denpasar to Nusa Dua, we have to translate foreign blogs and information in “Aerolite” is unique to Runet, on the route of the “Anapa — Gelendzhik” issue is jam-Packed with all sorts of transportation options.

Nevertheless, we decided. For a month we wrote 61 guide. It was texts about the most popular holiday destinations. Mineralnye Vody, Anapa, Sochi, Krasnodar. Despite the inconsistency of ideas, by August 2016, we received 31 414 sessions, 2080 transitions to a product and 117 orders.

The conversion of the transition to the product pages has been established at 6.8% and is now holding at the same level. The guides are indexed with a space velocity. The text of “Mineral waters — Pyatigorsk” came in first place of the top almost two weeks after the calculations, ahead of such cool sites as, and others.

Work “the theory of the grade book” — first you work for it, then it works for you. Gaining a critical mass of guides, we have improved the chances of the results for each subsequent. But it would be unfair to keep silent that the important role played by the indicators of the main site. Summer 2016 was to “Civitate” successful in terms of sales.

The clients came and did the conversion action. Our indices, for example, TIC, soared two times, 300 vs 120. Recently we calculated the data for “Aerogel” in January 2017. Its a bad month for sales — people sitting with no money after the holidays and dont book transfers, all skated her to the holiday weekend.

But “Aeroguide” show stable growth. More than 55,000 sessions and 26% of all traffic “Civitate”, and 156 sales from both locales (about 84 thousand rubles at the current average check). What conclusions can be drawn from our content history: Dont be afraid to do strange and illogical things like start work during the peak season — they can give unexpected benefits.

Well decomposite your task of content creation. Perhaps the most labor-intensive the process can be delegated. Negative experience is more valuable than positive, so I want to share with you the challenges we faced, and are still not resolved: Do not attempt to create the worlds best lyrics.

The copywriter-contractor no to this, no motivation, no special skills. Sooner or later your content story will be pretty boilerplate. I believe that this sacrifice should bring. Great content to expensive, and good for the goals “Aeroguide” more than enough.

Consider automation project. All two hundred of our guides are laid out in HTML. And to change the price, I have to go to each of them, to dig in the code and hands to correct the data. Tie all the stages of content creation to one person. The visual part should deal with designers, texts — people with humanitarian education and layout programmers.

Unfortunately, we have not become the Russian analogue of the transport sections of WikiTravel, but we have plans to develop the blog and all yet to come. Send a private cases, in which you managed to improve (or, conversely, worsen) the performance of the project, [email protected] Interesting experiments are sure to get heading Growth Hacks.

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