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Development Director of the company Grotem Maxim Apelcin wrote a column about how to act online shopping in the conditions of the entry into force of the new edition of the 54-FZ about the online box office. Continuing the conversation about the sensational law, the author talked about how to verify compliance with the new rules and how online retailers solve the problem with the couriers who will now have to take over the functions and professional cashiers tellers. At the end of February, the courier brought me a rare book from an online store. The book is without flaws, all pages on the site — it is possible to give with a pure heart.

All right, thats only in response to a request to issue a check courier joked and stepped over the threshold. From 1 July 2017, this joke will cost 30 thousand rubles — so says the law. Revision of the Federal law № 54 “About application of kontrolno-cash technics” game-changer, which operated from 2003.

The goal is to increase tax collection due to transparency of calculations. In other words, the government intends to defeat unscrupulous entrepreneurs with their shadow income “by cash”. The idea is wonderful, but this will affect the cash struggle even honest business. Revolutionary innovation of the law — the replacement of the existing ticket office on the online cash register with fiscal memory (FN), which, via the Internet, transmit data of all transactions in the tax.

First, though, the data will be sent to the fiscal data operator (CRF), which is necessary to conclude the contract, and from there into the cloud tax service. Online cash register print the checks, to which we are accustomed. They carefully spelled out all of the positions, the tax rate, the type of operation and there is a QR code. Checks from July 1, 2017, shall issue all organizations that currently use cash registers.

Some of them have already switched to the new procedure — for example, “roundabout” near my house. But the SPAR shop is not in a hurry. To understand who definitely go to the online box office and when, it is easiest to pass the test on “if I Need cash”. Please note the button “Check” in the lower right corner of the service.

Perhaps this is the panic button for the Russian online business — well come back to it. From the test you can see that you dont need the cash, if, for example, repair shoes, sell live fish from the tank trucks or vegetables on the market. As well as that you should supply online cash on account prior to 1 July 2018, if you have imputed income or “patent”. All this has nothing to do with online stores, so they go on the online ticket office from 1 July 2017.

The easiest way to meet the new requirements the stores that are not in contact with the buyer personally, that is “live”. Sell e-books or ringtones. Then put a fixed online cash, make money through the customary payment system like “Yandex.Cash” and send to the customers e-receipt a new sample in the mail (“Yandex.Cashier” you will do).

Quite another matter — online shopping with delivery. Couriers and carriers are now required to print the check immediately after the calculation. The buyer may ask you to send him the electronic version of the check for the phone number. The check cannot be limited to just the amount you need to specify all the attributes of a product from the accounting system (e.g.

“Lenin In. I. “State and revolution”, Samizdat, 2017″). Plus the paper receipt from the courier must be QR-code and other information that tax — all that is in receipt of “roundabout”. If the courier brought some of the goods ordered, but not all suit the client, he need to knock out a check only on selected items.

About the flaws of the courier tax sooner or later finds out and punish. For operation without cash will be fined 30 thousand rubles, for non-issuance of receipt — 10 thousand rubles. For repeated violations — suspension of the organizations activities for three months. It turns out that the law requires field employees to become a professional cashiers-tellers without right for mistake.

The owners of the shops there are a few ways to stop being afraid 54-FZ with all its rigors. To liquidate business. No comment.

To go into the shadows. It is not recommended. To work through service delivery. Its an adult. If you think that unnecessary risks to anything, it is better to give delivery to outsourcing — let the story checks will be someone elses headache.

Most likely in the next few months, the number of courier services with the functions of payment agents will increase, and existing services will expand, in the end, they are clear beneficiaries 54-FZ, as producers of the box office. So couriers and freight forwarders from the side should be enough for everyone. To use a standalone cash register with fiscal memory drive. This option is ideal for those who have a small product line and positions in check — no more than three. Ideal for online shops selling two or three models of the iPhone or, say, one brand of drinking water.

Otherwise, the courier (freight forwarder) will have to score a bunch of commodity codes cash on a small screen, wasting precious time and risking sealed. This decision is 30-35 thousand rubles, of which about 17 thousand rubles will be spent on budget cash from the register on. Fiscal drive “FN-1” which should be changed once in 13 months will cost 8 thousand roubles, the annual contract with the CRF — 3 thousand rubles.

To use the mobile fiscal register and the application for couriers and freight forwarders. In this case, the field employee receives on your smartphone actual custom — formed check. He will press the button “Break check” or delete with one click from any position if the buyer refuses from the part of the order. Multivalue items to score is not necessary, therefore, to make a mistake is practically impossible.

Ready mobile the set costs about 45 thousand rubles inclusive of a contract with CRF, buying a fiscal device and terminal for accepting payment cards (acquiring). The postponement of the introduction of the law on banks does not expect this issue the government is not even discussed. The IRS also made it clear. Time for the transition to life under the new rules was enough.

If someone hopes that the tax for all will not follow, we should remember the grey button “Check check”. It is a free application that reports information about buy on — just scan the QR-code. The buyer will send a check to the tax, not necessarily be rude to him, be late, or deliver damaged goods. Checks will be sent out of curiosity to test the application or to reward about the national competitions to identify unscrupulous shops know the sources of “Vedomosti”.

In short, we are waiting for a government-led civilian control, which has proven its effectiveness in other countries. If the store decided to deliver the goods their own — the time to act, not waiting for the first client to report the violation. Until July 1, just over three months, of which 30-45 days will it take for the supply of independent ticket sellers or mobile fiscal register “ATOL 11F”, analogues which is not in the registry on.

Adjusting the equipment, integration with the accounting system, the interaction with the tax service contracts and training staff will take another month and a half. The position of the online stores now perfectly illustrates the expression “Yesterday was early, tomorrow will be too late,” said a big fan of the elimination of social classes. In order not to repeat the fate of the capitalists in 1917, one should not hope for leniency “of the state and of the masses” — it is better to start a new life.

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