“Casket” service for the delivery of materials for painting

Good day. My name is Anya Buldakova, I am 24 years old. Previously, I worked as an editor at Cosmopolitan, is now Manager at a large it company.

Together with artist and educator Anya Goldiei we launched the project “Casket” — a subscription to box with lessons from artists and their materials. Our target audience is people who want to learn to draw but dont know where to start, do not understand the range art shops, do not find time to go to school. Actually, all these difficulties with which I as a layman in the draw faced a couple of months ago, and led to the creation of “Box”. Our service allows to forget about problems and just enjoy the creativity.

For Anya this is the first experience of launching a startup. Many issues helped to understand more experienced friends and colleagues, but in General we did everything alone. The idea caused a warm response. We get a lot of emails and comments with words of gratitude, and Christmas, it is also the first edition almost sold out.

I think it turned out quite good variant of the original gift. There are plans to publish special boxes with exclusive or hard to reach materials that will be of interest to professional artists, as well as the development of his art blog. Returned the floor to the readers.

Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.

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