“Catchiest” — Tool To Create Marketing Quests In Messengers

Hi, Im Dmitry, I am 31 years old, startups and small personal projects since 2010. One of my recent achievements — winning the hackathon from Forbes and Microsoft with a prototype chat bot for Telegram, FINTECH-assistant. I am pleased to tell you about my first startup for the Russian market — “Catchiest”. “Checkvist” is a marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses, with which you can create multiplayer games-quests for messengers and thus attract new customers and retain existing. Games are created in a user-friendly web interface, no need of programming skills and large budgets, to increase its presence in the messengers.

A couple of examples for offline business: The project is relatively young, work on the landing began in may 2016. Now we have about 100 potential customers for the businesses with which we actively communicate together to develop a financial model. Our goal for the near future — to find an investor to Finance the first stage of development.

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