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Today in the category of “Startups” – the Catery service that brings together the different catering companies on a single platform. My name is Dmitry Fedorov, 28 years old. Until recently, my entrepreneurial experience was completely offline – even in his student years, my partner and I opened a Subway franchise.

Then, after selling our restaurants, bought the master franchise Fornetti for the Russian Federation, which was later purchased by a Swiss group Aryzta. After I discovered the Internet and technology has made several angel investments and at the time had moved to San Francisco, where finally was inspired to start a business online.

Having been on demode in Y Combinator, and several other conferences and met with many companies from the Valley, I was surprised how well in the United States organized corporate power. Having studied world markets, I noticed that Europe and Asia are actively catching up with the us market, but in Russia for food for corporate events is still walking in the “dining room on the ground floor” or a grocery store. Catering is a huge industry, which can be divided into two areas. B2b (food in offices, meetings, conferences) and b2c (birthdays, weddings and other private events).

Only b2b sphere in the United States, according to Technomic (Catering Insights Program, 2015), exceeds $19 billion, and the size of the global b2b market reached $ 36 billion. When you need to order food, say, home for dinner (in an hour), everything is simple – there are many services through which you can do. But now imagine that Friday at your office meeting and you need to order food for 40 people. Or imagine that you have a birthday in a few weeks, and you want to arrange food for a large company of their friends.

Today it works like this. You find several companies in the search engines, call them up and we are waiting for quotations. When you finally decide on a catering service, you will be asked to make a prepayment equal to 100%, more often in cash at the company office. But if the catering is late, messed up the order or even bring the food of improper quality to obtain compensation it will be almost impossible.

So it is a platform that brings together the best caterers in on one site. We do not charge, and the whole process of ordering takes only a few minutes. The filters to find the perfect service to compare prices and to pay with card or instantly receive an invoice for payment to the legal entity.

We also have a complimentary Concierge service. On the website you can request (or call) and our managers will make several collections from different catering and restaurants. For customer service is free – you pay exactly as much as would have paid by contacting catering directly.

For partners (katerov) connecting to a Catery is also free of charge, and the Commission we take only the placed order. And affiliates can set a minimum order amount, and also specify the minimum time for which the customer must place the order. We are now working in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Rostov.

All in all we signed more than 150 contracts with katarami. A couple of weeks we will run in Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod, and then in other major cities. Also this year we are going to try their hand on European markets. We will be glad, if someone of the readers will try to take advantage of our service and share your impression in the comments.

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