Cheat sheet Internet marketer: poster for planning campaigns

If you have ever had to write a plan for Internet marketing for six months to a year, then you know how difficult it is to bring all the features together. Some tools allow you to quickly purchase the audience, others gradually to conquer it. Some are aimed at finding new customers, others — on add-on sales to current. Somewhere you can get ROI in money, and somewhere to save on costs. Some tools have inertia, the other part requires a continuous investment.

We at the Agency are also tackling these puzzles, because mostly specialize in providing different tools for the customer. To get some order out of chaos, two years ago we made a poster about different goals and tools of Internet marketing. In a few years this creativity under the simple title “the Crib of an Internet marketer” downloaded thousands of times more classification clearly liked colleagues.

Since then, we have gathered experience and put together a new version of the poster. As in the first version, the tools are grouped according to three objectives — work with new clients, repeat clients and with the image, as well as on the six tasks within the objectives. Small business or a startup is likely to go on tools from the top down — from lead to costly image projects (if youre lucky). Medium to large organization needs to invest in all directions — in this case, the poster allows you to assess where you have gaps in Internet marketing.

In some cases, you will approach a particular block. Say, our brother-consultant at first available only online PR. Moreover, we added nine scales, which allow to evaluate the tools from the point of view of the budget, delayed effect and other characteristics. We picked up the descriptions of the scales so that large bubbles meant something cool, a little something relatively bad (need a lot of money) or trivial (use this tool).

Of course, our model is a simplification, as any classification. We do not claim for the ultimate truth. First, tools more.

Secondly, some of them can solve two or more problems. Thirdly, our estimates categorical. For example, in our system, it turns out that search engine marketing is not branding effect, since the consumer only began to study the category and not think about the brands within it. Actually, almost no effect — some consumers, the mere fact of appearing in the top 3 can impress and you will get the same plus to the image.

Many of the tools you can draw a separate poster of the same verbosity is at least about email marketing for Internet shops, at least about SEO for video. Finally, there are other models that allow you to organize Internet marketing, for example, See-Think-Do-Care Avinash Cat. In our opinion, the scheme is good to get a quick, overall view of the tools of Internet marketing. In addition, it will help during the assault — if you, say, take care of SEO/context and think where to go next.

It is suitable also as a check-list for assessing weaknesses. Besides, one look at her explanation of how difficult busy Internet marketers. If you liked the poster, it can be downloaded as a PDF and print yourself, bookmark the electronic version to buy in A2 format with delivery or get for free if you share it on social networks.

Paper version is printed by screen printing on thick paper, looks good. We plan to create a series of posters on the basic tools. I will be glad to review. What can we improve, what kind of interactivity would be useful to you — sort depending on the complexity, time of return of investments, budgets, other principles.

Please write in the comments what tools of Internet marketing we make a separate detailed posters.


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