Chevrolet Cruze for advertisement played participants destroying their phones

People were frightened, ran for the phone, said that with the loss they feel cut off from communication with the outside world. When the representative of Chevrolet, they returned the device intact, theyve cheered up visibly, said finally can breathe. The question. “What is more important — communication or phone?”, they chose the first option.

After that, the participants got a car Chevrolet Cruze with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, “which helps to stay connected”. The project was part of the campaign “Real people. Not actors”. In the previous case the subjects were asked without being distracted to look at the screen, while indoors there is a “zombie”, animals, striptizera, workers and wrestlers. The idea was to demonstrate the function of the car that allows you to send templated messages from the front panel (“Yes”, “No”, “will Reply later”), so as not to distract from driving.


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