Chief innovator: The Google co-founder Larry page engaged in holding Alphabet

In 2012, the developer compact fusion reactor Lockheed Martins Charles chase attended a Google Solve for X, where a conversation with a stranger. About 20 minutes the two sides discussed what separates mankind from receiving the sustainable thermonuclear reaction. “After a while I decided to ask him his name. He said. “Im Larry page,” and I realized that all this time spoke with the CEO of Google”.

As noted by chase, Paige did not Express dissatisfaction that the other person didnt know him. “We were just talking and everything.”. Larry page, writes The New York Times, is not a typical head of a technology company. Moreover, the editorial Board notes, he does everything to not be associated with the General Manager it Corporation.

For example, many managers spend most of their time on meetings with investors and shareholders, or to promote products of the company. Paige the past few years does not even appear in the meetings on the financial outcome of a period. It is difficult to find and at the annual conference Google I/O is most often the head of the company is not shown to the visitors and the fans, spending most of our activities behind closed doors. However, Larry page, says the newspaper, it cant be called “hermit”.

He is a frequent guest of events organized by TED. He often participates in scientific conferences like Google Solve for X and Sci Foo Camp, where he enjoys playing with other visitors and gives advice to budding entrepreneurs. In contrast to most technology leaders in Silicon valley, passionate about science and innovation, Larry page went far beyond the core business of your company. His company has largely become a reflection of his own Hobbies. Sci Foo Camp is a closed conference of Google, which is accessed by invitation only.

It begins with the fact that each participant writes on a card what he wanted to talk, and attach this card to the special wall. Thus is formed the “agenda” of the conference. The latest event was held in June of 2015. Paige not acted on it with a speech or presentation — it leaked into the crowd and began to discuss with the participants some interesting ideas. “I remember only that he saw in the crowd someone, like the founder of Google”, says one of the scientists attending the conference.

Structural reorganization in Alphabet Google, says The New York Times, gives the page even more opportunities. Now the holding includes all areas that are of interest to its leaders — into a separate company dedicated research and development of self-driving cars, biotechnology, energy generation, space exploration and so on. New challenge Larry page, after the reorganization of the Corporation, the newspaper writes, is to figure out how to invest billions of dollars, owned by Google, in new industries and companies. The two leaders Alphabet — Larry page and Sergey Brin — has reserved the right to seek new talent and technologies, moving away from the management of each specific direction and giving more autonomy to top-managers of holding. “Were trying to build such a model, when everyone is headed in a strong CEO, and Sergey and I help him as needed,” wrote Larry page in a letter to investors after the reorganization of the holding.

The two leaders Paige was defined as. Looking for talented managers for each direction, track their progress and determine the amount of their remuneration. Page and Brin are still looking for managers for some companies inside Alphabet. According to page, most of his time he spends learning new technology areas, focusing on the fact that it slows down their development — lack of funds or any other obstacles.

“It becomes clear that Paige is already a few years makes gigantic intelligence work, and now it has become his main occupation in the Alphabet”. Larry page, writes The New York Times, always featured a wide range of interests. While still a student at the University of Michigan, he worked on the development of the solar-powered car, music synthesizers, and once offered the leadership of the University to operate trams on campus. In 1995 Paige got into Stanford, and it was determined by the direction of computer technology.

Students interested in driverless cars and many other things, including searching the Internet. CEO of Google, writes The New York Times, likes to ask questions to Google employees about their work and discuss with them the nature of different things. In an interview with Fortune in 2015, page said that he likes to communicate with employees the data centers of the company. Many former employees of the Corporation, with whom managed to talk The New York Times, noted that Paige is often trying to generalize the knowledge and apply them in other areas. “Why is a predictor of a Google search Now cannot be used to predict human life?”, — he asks.

Another reason was the restructuring of Google, writes The New York Times, is the loss of loyalty of key employees. Many of them began to move to other companies — such as Uber or Facebook — in the hope of greater hospitality. Many have noted that Google has become difficult to work. The splitting of the Corporation into many smaller companies — a step towards creating a more favourable environment. Another step is to encourage the independent development of new projects staff members.

Larry page seek to rid yourself of an important, but annoying responsibilities. Some former employees note that the page often had to be in the heart of corporate “showdown” and to solve various problems — for example, how to integrate Google Plus with YouTube or to any direction to include the development of Google Now, which original was done by the Android team, and later moved into product searches. All of these duties the Director General Alphabet decided to delegate to the new head of Google Sundar Pichai. Working with page say that he “cleared” your calendar, leaving time for reading, research and study new technologies. Large events (e.g. DARPA Robotic Challenge) page visited with an assistant, who protects him from the attention of journalists and photographers.

The CEO of Google damaged vocal cords, and often even at small gatherings he is forced to use the microphone and speaks to the sides almost in a whisper. In this case, the co-founder of Google tries to act like completely normal people (and not only at conferences but also in other situations). One secret of Google activities, where we hosted many technology celebrities (for example, the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk), Paige brought their own children and spend with them most of the time. In his public speeches Larry page often says of his father.

“My father was always interested in technology,” said Google co-founder on the Google I/O conference in 2013. “One time he took us across country to the conference on robotics. It was one of the few occasions when he swore — that I missed at the conference. For him it was very important.”. Paige does not like to discuss the current state of Affairs in the Corporation.

In his speeches he likes to talk about the future — as Google and Alphabet will be able to help humanity in the future. Google co-founder is convinced that commercial companies are able to make the world a better place. Paige said that instead give their money to a nonprofit or charitable organization, hed handed them over to the entrepreneur — for example, Elon musk. As noted by The New York Times, it is inconceivable that one person could cover so many areas. “But Larry page and does not seek to understand all hes trying to figure out how to draw this or that technology into a scalable business”.

“He asks questions not about nuclear physics, but about how you can structure a process. It is very thoughtful questions, and he gave me one good idea about the opportunities in the market,” says Leslie Dewan, which was able to communicate with Paige at one of the events. “But its too a good idea to her to share.”.


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