Chris Is A Virtual Assistant For Drivers

Helps to stay connected behind the wheel. Chris is the virtual voice assistant for drivers, which is mounted inside the vehicle and helps the owner wont miss anything and stay connected in a way.

The device tracks the calls, messages and emails and prompts the user to answer the most important ones. A wizard interface is fully voice, so that the owner does not have to take your hands off the wheel. The assistant may also perform the role of Navigator or to control the music in the car. According to the developers, the device is equipped with an advanced speech recognition system works on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Chris constantly learns and improves skills in speech recognition, and remembers habits of the owner. A virtual assistant is able to recognize two languages — English and German. The creators plan to add more languages, and is now raising funds to start production on Kickstarter. Deliveries will begin in January 2018, the retail price will be €299.

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