Chupa Chups has created a website in the style of the nineties in honor of its 25th anniversary in Russia

For contests, games and chat messages users receive points. Participants in the highest “karma” should get the results of the project prizes, including a trip to Barcelona, certificates and Lamoda watches Pebble Time. Ilya Slonskom, creative Director of the Agency Deasign in achieving the campaign, told the promotion and involvement of users, YouTube bloggers, contests and the number of visitors to the site.

What is the role of bloggers. On the website just broadcast their videos, or they somehow interact with users. Long-term bonds we bloggers in broadcast do not put — they wouldnt be distracted from chat. Basically our videoavi music, although no-no, get sticky seals and other fun content.

“Laboucane” (trio with label “Thank you, eve”), we recorded a short 15-second branded videopresence that revolve approximately every 10 tracks musical ether. The role of bloggers in the campaign.

Tell us more, what contests, what to do participants. The most important task is to do everything possible to become the stars of our “parties”. To do this, they must show that the best of all I congratulate, joke, know how to dress up, ready for the challenge.

Schedule vnutrizonovyh activities on 15 October looked like this. The moderators work in shifts. They hold contests in the chat, identify the most active and witty, awarded “karma” and prize certificates.

The job can be very different. Take a picture with a certain subject, come up with a funny caption to the picture, to find and send the link to a video on a given topic. For example, this screenshot shows how users decode the word “DREAM” (it was the morning of the competition).

The chat functionality allows a variety of forum games — users can not only write, but also attach images, send links to videos, post Emoji. Possible games set gala-a party context. For example, there is the game “three-Liter Bank”. Participants need to “trust” in her subjects with a certain letter.

We asked guests to put there gifts Chupa Chups. Other game — “What what no no”. The moderator asks the first phrase, for example. “The party cant be without stars”, and then the participants continue. “Stars cant be without Instagram.

Instagram may not be without lions” and so on. Users like to show themselves, so every day we organize competitions for selfies with different tasks. For example.

More options of activities. Also we do not forget about the product and conduct a quiz on the history of Chupa Chups, fantasies on themes of tastes, remember the first chopice and funny stories associated with candy and so on.

Chat is our main means of engaging. We expected that adolescents love it there — and so it was. At night it becomes quiet, and in the afternoon, especially when the moderators conduct games and competitions, the density of communication reaches over one thousand messages per hour (that is, a reply every couple of seconds). Overall we got a real community — people know each other by names, find each other in social networks, begin to make friends.

There are the fans of certain moderators. One of the main features of the chat users are displayed differently depending on typed on the website of karma. Beginners barely noticeable, and nicknames of the regulars are displayed clearly and with icons corresponding to the status.

Gamification of this kind works very well. Users active, participate in quizzes, earn “karma” and status. In chat you can send links, upload images, set the references to other users. Bad words automatically turn into a brown Emoji, and bullies we banim.

What are the prizes and for what activity a user can receive. In chat we give out certificates Lamoda on the amount of 500-1000 rubles — users themselves decide what to spend it. As prizes for being active this works well, especially considering that our main audience is teenagers, for whom this is quite a money.

Smartwatch — Pebble Time. We chose Pebble because they work with both iPhone and phones running on Android, live a long time without recharging and dont cost a fortune (which means parents will not have to worry about their children). Give the Apple Watch — they cut off would be owners of Android smartphones, which are among our target audience the most. Give clock for Android — would be the negative of iPhone users.

Users who are in the top 250 for total value of karma at the end of “the party” (October 25) will go to the “VIP chill out” — its the finals. Everyone will receive a creative task. The jury (bloggers, brand ambassadors, moderators) will otsmotret the work of the participants and will determine the best. 25 people will receive a watch, and two of the best — trips to Barcelona.

Of course, activities on throughout the party will be taken into account. As youre working on a promotion campaign. Social networks, advertising on third party sites.

We mix. Integration with bloggers, CPA and CPC in “Vkontakte”, PREROLL on YouTube, outdoor advertising in schools of Moscow and St. Petersburg, their own channels Chupa Chups (in the official group “Vkontakte” is 200 thousand people). Probably the website is specially made with reference to the nineties and the beginning of zero. What is the reason.

Why did you decide to use this approach. What was important to convey to the audience. Chupa Chups appeared in Russia in 1991, a whole epoch ago. We were looking for an approach that one foot will be there in the nineties and the beginning of zero (hence the idea of musical television and chat), and the other in the reality of the 2010s (out — Emoji, gifs, cats, bloggers, registration of three social networks).

25 years is a long time. It is several generations, during which fell the most different culturename. For those who met with Chupa Chups in the early to mid-nineties of the last century, childhood is associated with MTV, with new foreign pieces, which did not exist before, with new music and new ways of communication. Came the Internet with chat rooms, Mikami, ICQ.

Now no MTV, no chat — came a new aesthetics and media, but the insights remained. On the other hand, the current teenagers have grown up with smartphones in their hands and literally live in social networks and messengers. We wanted to combine all this and make a platform on which will be good and fun and the Millennials, and generation of the eighties-nineties. And we wanted to do a project where users will feel that they are part of the big party, celebration.

Perfetti van Melle (client). Deasign (concept, mechanics, production, realization).


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