“Classmates” has launched a tool for promoting the publications of the group in their news feeds

An advertisement can be issued in different formats. In the form of notes with an attached poll, a music track, photo or gallery of pictures, as well as set the targets, where available 256 parameters, including age, gender, interests, location, income and education. A new tool in the “Classmates” tested brands of Nutella, Peugout, Visa, KFC, Huawei and Popular Mechanics.

The test results. Development Manager-the social network Simon boyar explained the functionality of the tool and told me what brand it may be of interest in the first place.

This format allows you to increase the reach of publications of the group with a detailed target. In this case, the advertiser can have a “viral effect” for free. For users who are not subscribed to the community, the publication will be displayed in the ribbon with the “Subscribe” button that will bring the group to new subscribers.

The format has worked well in competitions, the promotion of information publications and even small studies. Functionality may also be interesting R&D departments of companies, in case we need to quickly conduct an audience survey. The advantage of this approach is already implemented the ability to work with CRM-database — propublication with relevant polls can be shown in many segments of the base of consumers and to obtain feedback from customers.

Representatives of agencies and companies told about the promoted publications, about what kind of impact it brought, and also shared his opinion regarding the utility function and its shortcomings. Head of business development Agency Hungry Boys (previously senior marketing Manager at Huawei). The main difference from promotion tools in other social networks has become my lack of access to the advertising office. Since the story was a test, it was a joint effort with the “Classmates”.

In the end, it is quite difficult to say something about these tools in terms of dynamics and flexibility of targeting settings. Audience Semeon (development Manager OK — approx. Ed.) spoke quite roughly, and then the employees of the social network already something set up — with my own eyes I saw only the result and the reporting of discharge.

In fairness it should be noted that at that time there was no proper history of the brand, on which to test any target niche. But in General, turned out quite interesting. Have multiple “classes”, comments, “share with friends”. Also the people are quite actively joins the group, although it was not the task of the test.

I cant say the exact amount of new subscribers thanks to propublica, as sources of conversions, the social network still does not track, but judging empirically, their number has been very impressive. CTR too happy — about 3%, or even higher. The audience traditionally willingly involved in all sorts of polls and other interactive. CPM and CPC are quite competitive — well see what will happen to prices when the number of users of these tools will increase.

Separately, I note that the new proformace when using Socrates external links from “OK” avoids trouble with the plug on the theme “You are leaving the limits of “OK” at your own risk”, but such conversion we tested very briefly, therefore, the final conclusions to do while early. I think it will be interesting to work with personally protobulgarian. With immediate access in an advertising office and more complex conversions.

It was the first experience of promoting the group in the “Classmates” (we started it recently). The tool helped us with the main aim at this stage was to increase the number of subscribers. Less than a month we had gone from zero to 17 thousand.

The targets we have set up all over Russia, deliberately deciding to try a different audience, not only familiar to us men. Judging from the number of subscribers, it worked. Advertising publication was the first in the group. It noted more than two thousand people, and for the first day of placement of the group took about one and a half thousand people.

“Classmates” lacked the functionality of advance publications, especially considering the fact that Facebook and Vkontakte allow brands to target their messages. For Peugeot we tested the tool on three publications in a standard format to the illustration and text. We chose three different subjects.

The image of the product with reference to the showroom model, the project preview with a link to it and entertaining message. In accordance with the themes we have segmented the target audience. For entertainment publication, we chose the widest target audience — men and women 18 to 55 years old. Grocery message targetirovanie, based on the portrait of the owners, and the announcement was aimed exclusively at small business owners with above-average income.

The greatest number of classes (2245) scored an entertaining note, which is quite expected, since she had the widest CA. A good result was obtained and grocery publication, scored 1500 classes. With regard to the reporting format, it is quite detailed.

The only thing, in our opinion, lacking data on the number of users who joined the group. For example, Facebook provides such information and in this sense, the “discover” all ahead. We were testing a new tool using a series of surveys. Example 1, example 2, example 3.

As you know, social media users love to participate in various polls and for KFC, network with four hundred restaurants in Russia, this is a great opportunity to appeal to a large audience and ask her opinion on a wide range of topics. Satisfaction, new items on the menu, taste preferences, and so on. The targets set for the city of the presence of KFC and got pretty good coverage within the test budget.

In General, this is a great breakthrough is that the social network “Vkontakte”, and then “Classmates” allowed advertisers to integrate into the tape users (“Holy of holies”!). However, it imposes an even greater responsibility on administrators for quality content. If youre trying to get into the news feed with a dull advertising, you get your deserved portion of the negative. In the “Classmates”, as shown by our experience, this is particularly obvious.

It is therefore very obvious advice. To follow the interests of users, to look for involving the formats to do the advertising is not advertising. 1 July 2015 promotion group entries in feeds of users launched a social network “Vkontakte”.

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