Clean The Riga Station, Mount Rushmore And The Statue Of Christ

Kärcher cleaned the world heritage sites around the world. At the end of July 2017, the German manufacturer of cleaning equipment Kärcher has carried out work on cleaning the Riga railway station in Moscow. The action was timed to the 180th anniversary of the Russian Railways (RZD) and became part of a worldwide project Kärcher cleaning world heritage sites in different cities of the world.

The work was planned together with management of the Corporation, and the initiative came from Kärcher, said representatives of the company. Cleaning of the facade of the Riga station took two weeks. On the sink surface area of 4,000 m2 has been spent 40 thousand liters of water.

The work was carried out by a single operator under the supervision of specialists Kärcher. The project is sort of a gift to the Railways for their anniversary. Therefore, initially, selection of station as the object for cleaning was predetermined. Rizhsky railway station is one of the oldest and most beautiful stations in Russia, with more than a hundred years of history. It is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate readiness for Kärcher to clean the object of any complexity and fragility, because the facade of the station is decorated with lots of decorative elements.

It was also necessary to take into account the material — brick and plaster, which require careful cleaning. For geometrically complex building forms Kärcher had to use hidrovista to clean the entire facade, not just its visible parts, the company explained. The maximum height at which the works were produced, made up of 16 meters.

“In Russia it is not easy to get permission to work with symbolic objects requires a huge amount of approvals,” — said the representative of the Kärcher. The company hopes that the successful clearing of the Riga station will become an example of possibilities Kärcher and will allow in the future to work with other architectural symbols of Russia. In 2018 the company plans to hold similar events in the Russian regions, but the details were not disclosed.

A post shared by Karcher (@karcher_russia) on Aug 15, 2017 at 1:45pm PDT. With cleanup of the Riga station Kärcher wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of its equipment. “The target audience is all residents of the country that can compare the pictures “before” and “after” and acquire our technique for the solution of their tasks of cleaning,” — said in the company.

Another goal Kärcher — concern about architectural monuments of the planet. The company implements projects for sponsorship in the cultural sector for over 30 years. Kärcher holds similar events around the world, choosing symbolic objects. Work, according to the company, are free of charge.

In particular, the manufacturer of the equipment organized a campaigns for cleaning the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, mount Rushmore in South Dakota in the United States, the Potemkin stairs in Odessa, the Brandenburg gate in Berlin and other. Only Kärcher has completed more than 100 restoration projects around the world. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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