Clinic “Family” Compared Himself To The Prophet Moses In Advertising

In the beginning of the video the VoiceOver recounts the story similar to the Bible. 40 years, Moses leads the people through the wilderness, and they are exhausted from hunger and thirst. The hero of the video is a luminous creature with four-fingered hand, which says that he is the one who chose to save. To this the man replies that he would never leave his family. At the end of the being of light takes Moses and the rest of the wandering people in the sky to the tune of “Hava Nagila”.

The slogan of the advertising of the clinic. “We will not abandon you”. Representatives of the creative Studio Big Boom told that the movie is “provocative interpretation of the old Testament story about the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt”. According to the creators of the movie, his character is associated with the brand. As Moses, the clinic does not leave clients “are her family.”.

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