“Colleagues Take Their Selfie In Slack”: If “History” Appeared In Popular Services

The Verge noticed a series of tweets designer Rafael Conde, who presented, how would it look on “Stories” from Snapchat and Instagram, if they introduced other popular services. According to The Verge, so the designer wanted to emphasize the absurdity of blind implementation of the popular functions in all apps. Conde imagined how would look the “History” in the corporate Slack messenger, streaming the Apple Music service, and system settings iOS.

Introducing Music Stories. Share selfies of you listening to music with all your friends. Https://t.co/nu9bxk6fMY. Introducing Maps Stories. Stuck in traffic.

Share how bored you are with all your friends. Https://t.co/zhkEwJVtsS. Introducing Settings’ Stories. Dont know where to change the Wi-Fi. Share a selfie with all your friends.

Https://t.co/EISQ4PzEn1. Introducing Slack Stories. Spam all your coworkers with your favorite selfie filters. Https://t.co/nkMjXgRdoh.

21 March 2017 user ioaan published on Twitter, the comic is a screenshot showing how could look the “History” in the office package of Microsoft Excel: Fantasize on the theme of “Stories” and the publication Meduza: Initially, the format of the “Stories” appeared in the messenger Snapchat.

Users can publish photos and videos that will be visible to all their subscribers within 24 hours, and then disappear. Later, the “Story” copied the developers of social networking Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte, messenger Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and ICQ.

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