Commercial Ranking Factors

In search engines there are over 800 ranking factors site. The most important is unique content, link profile and internal optimization. But when you work on a website do not forget about the commercial ranking factors. About what it is and how to make a website attractive, described below. The first mention of the commercial ranking factors was in November 2011.

In a blog Yandex. The reason was simple. There are many sites with the same parameters that it was difficult to determine the location of the resource in the search results. To solve such a problem, was created additional items based on the following characteristics.

The credibility of the website, interface, range, prices and payment methods. It is possible to identify the main factors that help the client make the purchasing decision. Tell about each item : The phone number and address of the organization, mode of operation – all the information should be itemized as much detail as possible.

First, the client will be clear to what time you work, in what branch to call, and where the organization itself. And secondly, it will increase the credibility of the company. Also recommend in the contacts to specify my domain e-mail. Here are a few examples.

The same applies to geographic locations on the map. There are cases when circuit city is, but point the company is not marked. Dont force customers to play the quest “Find me”. The feedback form is a different story altogether.

Do not create 1001 a required field. You need to know basic information. The name, email (phone) and the reason for the request. Everything else you can find out during a conversation.

Some firms write on the main page information about their company. You do not need. It is better to allocate a separate section where users can talk about their awards, work experience, and staff to share customer feedback. On the main recommend you to write about the main directions of the business.

Services, scheme of work, term of performance of the order. Here is a typical example, when there is a separate page about the company and when the owner of the site decided to share the history of the organization on the main despite the fact that this is a separate section. Another important point about which all forget – is the signature to certificates and diplomas.

Pity their potential customers and specify when and for which you received the award. Give users the option to leave your opinion. If you are afraid that you will write bots and tumbled down the spam, then make a validation or authorization through social networks. Here is one example of good and bad form to add a review.

Also, dont forget about the text on the website. It needs to be not only optimized, but also selling. About how to talk about their benefits, read here.

Work through the description of their product. The presence, basic features, warranty. Some examples of how it is better to implement on your website.

Specify the status “available”, “custom”, “Product not available”. The customer will be immediately clear which goods it will be able to buy you.

Structure the information. Read more than describe the product, the greater the likelihood that it will order. Sure the site should contain information on how to return the item and what guarantees there are. Write short and clear, dont need huge text conditions.

Additionally we recommend to pay attention to related products. Usually, it allows you to sell more.

Dont forget about the option of comparing products and services. It is important that things were similar. Also dont forget about semantic markup card products. Everything is simple.

Correctly and as detailed as possible to prescribe payment methods and delivery. For discounts and bonuses you can make a separate page. Importantly, the creation of such a section to add relevant information and not to forget to remove the excess.

Commercial factors you will not only raise your site position in search, but also make it reliable in the eyes of the user. Comfortable and interesting life is bound to attract new customers and keep old. Also do not forget about behavioral factors can be improved through usability.

What to do read here.

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