Compilation Of Videos: 6 Of The TED Lectures About Motivation

Why leaders underestimate peoples desire to do something useful and how to motivate those who are willing to give up. Career analyst Dan Pink talks about how people solve creative problems worse, if you offer a reward. The method of “carrot and stick” is valid when it is necessary to follow a previously known algorithm.

For problems where the solution is not obvious, Pink suggests an approach based on intrinsic motivation. Speech by Dan Ariely, Professor of psychology and behavioral Economics, about how important it is for a person desire to make a difference and how often it is unappreciated managers. Ariely talks about experiments that show. People oppressing senselessness of work, even if they paid for it.

Tony Robbins is an expert in the psychology of leadership. In his speech, he talks about the six human needs. Certainty, variety, significance, unity, fulfillment, and the opportunity to do something for others. Robbins shows how these requirements define what people choose to do in life.

In three minutes, entrepreneur Derek Sivers manages to explain why you should not talk about their plans. According to research, a pleasant feeling after you talked about them, reduces the motivation to act. Carol Dweck, a psychologist, an expert in the field of motivation, tells us why the phrase “not yet” motivates people to move on.

How not to feel stupid when something does not work, and how to motivate others when they are wrong. Emily Balcetis, a social psychologist and expert on goals, explains. Everyone sees the world through your perception. Dieters see apples as larger people in a bad physical shape estimate the distance to the finish line as more distant.

Baltasis proposes a strategy of “keep your eyes on the goal” which uses this feature and increases motivation.

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