Concept: Unmanned Cargo Ships Rolls-Royce

Drone technology is most often mentioned when talking about cars. However, engineers plan to apply the system of Autonomous control and other areas. For example, Rolls-Royce is going for three years to build an unmanned transport ship.

Over the last hundred years the number of ships has tripled. Thus, according to Allianz Insurance, 75% of incidents at sea is due to the human factor. According to analysts, to solve the problems of the industry will be able Autonomous court. They can reduce the cost of transportation of goods and increase their reliability.

In addition, the solution will greatly increase the speed and volume of traffic. Your solution for Autonomous vehicles developing Rolls-Royce. The company announced a global research project that integrates several state institutions around the world. According to the head of marine development at Rolls-Royce, unmanned vessel “will produce in the same industry revolution, and the iPhone among smartphones”.

It will change not only the appearance of ships, but their design, involve in Rolls-Royce. They will be modular platforms that can be assembled based on the needs of the crew. For example, in the future teams will be able to equip the ship with modules for the life of the crew, or extra fuel cells, depending on the duration and purpose of the flight.

Vice-President of Rolls-Royce innovation in marine Oscar Leavander believes that the level of development of modern technologies allows to build Autonomous vehicles. Now the company is testing sensors that are required for unmanned systems in real working conditions in Finland. In the design of unmanned ships Rolls-Royce uses the same technology found in Autonomous cars. Infrared cameras, lidars and other components.

Considered two management scenarios ships. Through a remote center or using a computer with a neural network installed on the ship. The engineers at Rolls-Royce suggest that in case of an emergency — the need to change the route or the collision operator will be able to remotely take control of the ship.

Communication between the control center and the ship will provide communications company Inmarsat. In August 2015, she launched a third satellite, which provides global Internet coverage throughout the world. Probably a Rolls-Royce is planning to develop the technology of Autonomous vehicles based on our own project Unified Bridge system control ships.

The company plans to build the first unmanned vehicle in the next three years. According to the Leavander, the first commercial unmanned ships will appear in the sea within ten years.

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