Concepts: redesign the application “Mail Mail.Ru”

The contest was attended by 54 designer. Their task was to design a mail app for the service “Mail Mail.Ru”. You guys better hit the goal. It is a separate app, well thought-out in terms of interface and great served in terms of visual design.

The decision is accompanied by an explanatory description and animation of the product. Besides all this, the concept of a bundle of separate ideas that have little overlap with other works — for example, archive files by date on the calendar grid, panel card sharing, PIN code access. We were expecting a more classical solution, but Farid stepped up to the task on the other hand. This personal assistant in spirit fashionable Magic and Operator that allows you to write search queries in natural language to search for information in the mail.

To realize this technically isnt easy, but we liked the fresh approach and the level of elaboration of the idea. The jury were divided in their choice third place. On the one hand, Ilyas catchy visual style, a lot of interesting ideas for presenting information and interactions, great video feed. On the other, the decision remains largely at the first level of understanding of the task (selection of attachments in the message list), and in the drawing there are a number of problems, the most obvious of which is too small fonts. But in the genre of competitive concept is one of the most striking works with a large number of proposals, so we stopped her.


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