Conclusion it products to the Chinese market — diary of a marketer

In “to Have and to be” Erich Fromm quotes, which by the way describes the current situation on the it market. “Each new step may fail — thats one of the reasons that people are afraid of freedom.”. If you look around, we see a fairly ordinary picture — the standard of success for most it companies from the CIS can be described by the following scheme. More customers — more people — [recursion].

One dream, one set of tools and one off the beaten path without deviation. Nobody wants something in particular to change. As in network marketing — do it once, do it twice.. We also faced this problem and tried to solve it on their own. How we escaped from a running ring for hamsters and than conquered China, detail below.

On the basis of their briefs and notes, about the sad and funny — with a twist. As always, in the beginning of the story a Freudian slip (just in case). All characters are fictional, and any resemblance is accidental.

All links and names of tools — real. Take it and do it. ***. In our Department went to the Director and said that budgets cuts, as there is no “no” effect.

Change course and denser will do SMM. To sit on Xing and Linkedin. Urgently develop new approaches and a bunch of other networks, for “there are many customers”. About PPC, you can forget. A colleague fell into the spleen under the “spleen”.

I expect it to be. ***. Sales gloats as new approaches-that make themselves known. Entrenched in networks, as Mamai in the pub, and who and is now there.

Clients will come, but not as fast as we would like, and not with those middle checks. Waiting for budget for Adwords are like cats — “Whiskas”. The “Spleen” added “Leningrad” and the appropriate ambiance. ***.

Entourage ended. Arranged in the Department of the simultaneous session of brainstorming and o colleagues from the looking glass of green tea with pickles. From the resulting effect he began explicit enlightenment. Reading Chinese characters and attempt to paint a portrait of Mao in the style of Andy Warhol. The venture failed, but the idea is to push the brothers on reason it products remained.

***. What do we know about China market. The birthplace of the iPhone, Packed with green tea, a large number of light industry consumer goods. About him wrote Paul Midlers “Poorly made in China”.

As the tea was strong with Floors not agreed to all the Department. We are monitoring the situation. ***. “OK, Baidu”, “OK, Baidu”, “Oceaa, Bidpay!”.

Still not working. Does not get used that among Chinese search engines Google takes about 10%. In General, Google is not a cake, and Bing with him. Among search engines in China in the lead.

In General, pedalin like hell in search engines, along with two translators in search of tasty solutions. ***. Dig deep into the topic, almost equal to the Kola superdeep. Several Chinese business forums and found mention of the English-language sites where you can work with clients.

Roy further. ***. About Skype, Hangouts, Viber and a hedgehog with them you can forget. Potential customers persistently asked to give the number of WeChat or QQ.

Some have elected WhatsApp. Even saw something that I thought will never see it — the talks in the chat intranet subnet. Due to eversion of consciousness inside out, a colleague amounted to Sayles brief summary on the platforms on which it is necessary to have the they are made.

Its time to acquire Chinese translators. ***. Already a month negotiating with different companies. Compiled a list of useful sites, where there are customers.

In the top. The Chinese do not like remote negotiations. Everything is built on the principle of “do You respect me?. Come!”.

Another interesting touch is very strongly developed local “cult of personality”. If local And Blue Cinevic said that the application of N should be used, enjoyed by all. Planned shortly “send fighter” in held and Hebei.

***. Fighter of wires that all contracts are concluded only with a personal touch. It is not very clear what they can offer. Outsource the development of a few promising. We offer finished products.

Said read the “Red book” of Mao and threw a collection of songs about the party on YouTube. Songs hooked the whole Department. I now know at least some Chinese variations “Smoke over water” in the style of Kadysheva.

***. Copywriter learned folk songs by heart (including abusive) sings and walks around the office. Awaiting the return of our Manager. Thursday rally.

***. Rallied for five hours. On the basis of all the information received brought the concept of successful proposals for Chinese market.

Summary. We give the Chinese the decision, and they wrap up what they want. The question remains — why would they give such. ***.

Decided to promote one of our mobile products to connect virtual numbers. Lets break it into several parts. Local Chinese partners receive API, and with the help of our experts wrapped in their decisions. All the technical ins and outs remains under our control.

Give the development of Chinese business in each province?. ***. Long chose along with one of the partners, the name for the site. Was shocked at how they do it. “Leap of faith” from the game Assassins Creed compared to the process — baby talk.

It turns out that any self-respecting website should have in his name two or three digits. Not what you want, and happy. We have, for example, means or what the name was unavailable, or that the resource is “technical”, and they have no. All with meaning.

I had to study with translators bunch of local web sites about this. Amounted to colleagues a little cheat sheet. The number “1”.

Means “shall” or “must”. The analogue of the Nike slogan “Just do It!”. In the same way. The number “2-4”.

Forgot. Just forgot that they have and never use. For thrill-seekers. “4” consonant in Chinese with the word death. Want to ditch the project.

There are some exceptions, for example, the sequence “54”, meaning immortality. But this is the only exception. The number “5”. Negative, consistent with our “no”, “no”.

The number “6”. Also forgot. The number “7”.

So in different intonations. “eat, eat”, “get good” and “wife”. Pronounce correctly and have not learned. The number “8”.

Means “wealth”, “to have a lot of” something. The number “9”. Means “longevity”, “plenty of life”.

Through much anguish and debate has focused on the combination 898, called While choosing a name for your site for the first time in my life felt like Jamroom. ***. Two months Cox bibikayut.

National sign. Look at the influx of customers under the “March of the dwarfs” by Grieg, much more epic. ***. Normal flight. Joint work with contractors on local advertising gave a good result.

Hired another copywriter. Undergoing young specials, the Chinese peoples abuse. Ordered colleagues a few t-shirts with the words “Rock Star”. Yesterday came the Manager of Sales Department, said that as acting strange a couple of major clients with whom we work through the representative of Yunnan.

Asked to help with the decision of a question. Something I dont like it. ***. A colleague asked me to recommend books on Chinese culture “for the overall development”.

Gathered in this compilation. ***. “And the lamp is not lit, and calendars are lying.. and there is something the Chinese, again, not to..” or whatever Vasiliev.

Pfff.. Checked the problem with the clients connect in Yunnan. It was revealed that the company began working with competitors and connect customers to them, using our name. I like this GM game “What. Where. When?” even in the same transmissiont seen.

Hired lawyers. ***. Browse the report under song about socialism. Scored another one, “peppers”.

Took our brand Freeje and created a “representative” Freeje China ltd. I dont know why they are in Chinese was hoping maybe. And a no brainer that Google Alerts in China works like a donkey on an Assembly line, but Search Monitor nobody cancelled. Surprisingly, not bad still worked Ontolo. For keywords, you can not only advertise, but in the Baidu and lots of things to check.

***. I talked yesterday a couple of hours with the Polish office and local contractors about the situation. Contractors were able to press against the wall (just barely), but the residue remained. A few notes for the future.

***. We derive new services to the market. Started to sell a bunch of exclusive Chinese numbers in Europe.

Honestly, somehow tired, need something new to take. Yesterday knocked from India local providers, said that we heard a lot and really want to make friends through an affiliate program. To try something. China can talk a lot, very much.

In this text I have chosen only the most basic moments, deliberately diluted their sense of humor and third-party parts, which will help absorb the road going. But this is only a drop in the ocean. What was even. Sad.

Repeated attempts to steal our behalf, hacking the system and getting the customer base, attempts to throw from the market and other “pleasures”. Of fun. Meet new people, unusual people and absolutely unique work atmosphere (under laudatory odes to Mao). No matter what — the project continues to work and is effective not only in China but also in Europe, CIS, USA.

Hope you liked it and you were able to learn some useful points. Read, re-read, practice and share experience. I would appreciate comments and additions.


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