Content Marketing, Big Data And Influence In Social Networks: 10 Fresh Books For Marketers

Joe Pulizzi — founder of the Institute of content marketing, so he knows how to build a company based on the content. His new book how to build a business of a new type. He draws attention to the fact that the involvement of audience to a product as important as creating it. In the book “the Corporation” content-a lot of life examples that should inspire readers.

In the book Crestodina displayed her many years of experience in the Studio of web design Orbit Media. Definitive guide to content marketing raises the issues of SMM, email marketing and search engine optimization. The author does not neglect the creative side of the theme and gives practical tips on promotion. The B2B market has changed significantly over the past few years, but many companies continue to play by the old rules.

“Demand management” is a step-by-step guide for adapting to new conditions. They match the marketing model, the center of which is the buyer. Hidalgo gives practical tips that parses the example of companies that have successfully switched over to the new model. The voice and Callahan debunking the myth about the complexity of the marketing approach focused on the study of data.

In the book the authors talk about the winning strategies of companies who are leaders in their field. The book will be useful for those who want to know how to use technology to accurate targeting, increase coverage and improve business processes. “X” is the wow effect, which is the consumer satisfied with the interaction with the brand. Solis, in great detail, as deliberately and carefully to create the conditions for the emergence of this effect. Great attention is paid to the organization of customer service and to create high-quality stories that lead to “X”.

At first glance, the growing influence of companies using LinkedIn — a simple and straightforward question. Story Simmons about building a account in a professional social network, concerned with issues of ethics and trust that are important in professional communication. The rules, which are explained in the book: The author thinks that, if instead of telling people what they want, ask them to tell about it.

Based on the feedback to create a product. Jiva writes in his book. “Prosper, doing things like consumers. Dont force them to love your product”. The book presents stories of companies that started with the failed launch.

Educational organization Khan Academy, camera manufacturer GoPro, the manufacturer of Dyson vacuum cleaners, Kickstarter and other. Rynn writes that the book was emotional. It is impossible to read the entry and not to cry. According to Rinn, to measure the effectiveness of content marketing — one of the main tasks of marketers.

Especially sharply this question arises when you need to make a decision whether to continue to invest in content marketing. Brenner business built on content, so it gives a description of how to calculate the success of such a strategy in the context of business objectives. Miller has worked in marketing companies Marketo, Curata and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. In the book he defines success in the digital era.

The book consists of four parts. The author explains that the technologies bring into modern marketing. People share stories, information and emotions, establishing new relationships with each other. “Serologie” the history of how information spreads in social networks and how important it will become in the future.

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