Cosmic Bodies For Billions

EVE Online players spend domestic currency to buy up the corpses, hunting for developers and offer the “Holy bodies”. Multiplayer game EVE Online, which takes place in space, provides users with the ability to be fighter pilots, diplomats, admirals of fleets and huge collectors of corpses of other players. The cost of the bodies is comparable with the monthly subscription for the game, payment is local currency.

The editors DTF has prepared a translation of the article about the players who collects the bodies. A tiny part of the player base in EVE is engaged in the sale of virtual corpses that remain in the field of large-scale space battles. In the gameplay they are useless, but since vnutriigrovoy the market to exhibit any product, they still pay a lot of money — depending on whose body is sold.

In EVE when a ship is destroyed in battle, the only chance of pilot survival is escape pod — it contains one clone of the player, besides, it can be managed. Capsules can travel through space in the same way as other ships, however, they are extremely vulnerable. The clone not only serves as a temporary home by the pilots mind, but also contains expensive cybernetic implants that improve the skills of the player. Often during the destruction of the ship is destroyed and the capsule — then a pilot in die, the implants comes to an end, and the player appears at the point of rebirth.

On an explosion place it left only a corpse that is marked with the name of the owner. Other players can pick up these corpses, in addition, they also displayed the names. And some of them collect the bodies. Most of these undertakers who spoke with the author of the material, and wonder why this hobby has had them in mind.

According to them, the holds of their ships they sacrificed corpses “as a sport” or “for the lulz”. But there were other players with more unusual explanations of their activities. One of them remembers how he collected as trophies inscribed the ears of the enemies defeated in a PvP game Diablo 2. According to him, this habit has moved to EVE Online.

Its a reminder that in PvP you need to be humble and calm, and that all die. Someone keeps only a few dead bodies as reminders of the major victories of the. Others collect all the bodies that came in their way. The second group belongs to the player under the nickname Cinomed Fostergut.

He says that because of this habit he was often scolded by the commanders of the fleets, which were the player. “Cinomed, why arent you at anchor?”. In EVE “to anchor” means to fly next to the rest of the fleet, that all may move as a single unit. “Excuse me, commander, searched the bodies,” — said in such cases Cinomed.

Because of the habit to collect the body he had other problems. For example, accumulating 20 corpses, he lost his ship in battle, and they fell out into open space as separate things. Due to the sudden appearance of dozens of bodies on the field interface players instantly zahlamlenija, which caused confusion (and fun). Cinomedfrom constantly having to transport my collection from house to house.

Once when the system in which was stored his corpses, attacked by enemies, he had to hire a carrier to save the collection. I remember discussing with the captain the details, and he whined that because of the move of two thousand bodies in the cargo hold he started to slow down the EVE client. For those who are planning to collect a large number of corpses, even in EVE there is a special and very expensive ship Molok with 200 thousand cubic meters of space, is given solely for the storage of corpses. Theres enough space for 100 thousand pieces.

The other player with the nickname Macabre Devil says that he collects bodies in 2010 — he didnt spend the ISK (EVEs internal currency). In those days he was paid 500 thousand ISK for the corpse of a man and a million women, since female pilots in the world of EVE is relatively small. Seven years later, in his footsteps there is a lot of players. Body they buy wholesale from vendors, or gather them in the field of large-scale battles.

As is the case with any commodity, the premium versions cost much more. For example, the corpses of newly launched powerful alliances, important NPC, or even of the CCP — Studio-Creator of the game. At the end of 2016 happened a curious thing.

The event in the story ended with the coronation of the new Empress in NPC-faction. Usually when developers create a NPC, his name is blocked for players, but this time they forgot to do this and a user created a copy of the new ruler. He then, playing for her, deliberately repeatedly killed to collect the corpses of the alleged Empress. A player has accumulated a significant number of such bodies, not until CCP shut down the company.

He was allowed to leave it already “acquired” the corpses of the same name. Then the player is placed on in-game billboards advertising, offering to buy the rest of the so-called Holy bodies. There are pilots who hunt only for the bodies of the CCP. For example, a user under the name Nolak Ataru.

Developers rarely take their “official” pilots, and even more rarely die so that you can get their body. The gamemasters are employees of support, watching the procedure on the servers, almost always interacting with players only from their invulnerable ships. Nolak said that he has seven bodies of developers from CCP and one corpse of GM.

In the opinion of the player, the other body in the game. Nolak bought it from a friend, and he found a corpse in one of the systems that gamemaster had to prepare for the big battle — employee support out of the game, leaving your ship in space, after which he was destroyed. Before Nolak buying bodies in bulk, like others, but the game started to slow down when he opened the tab with the purchased property. So he decided to collect only special body.

On average, the cost of one could reach two billion ISK (although it depends on the rarity of the corpse), which is much more than, say, the monthly subscription cost to the game, in EVE Online you can pay in-game currency. The body of the developer from CCP Fozzie and nick and GM are much more. The gamemasters are very rare, and Fozzie takes the position of the leading game designers in the Studio.

Its extremely rare goods Nolak draws from a multitude of friends, informants and casual players who just want to earn. The network he created through his second a little less original profession in EVE — usury. Nolak is in a unique position. Many people strive to maintain a good relationship with him, and some even have one or two services. In addition to Fozzie, my favorite corpse belongs to an old friend of the group invasion.

. The invasion is the analogue of the high-level RAID. During one of the fights of drunk Nolaka friend offered him a duel and lost because it was piloted by a weak ship Vindicator, designed for PvE. “One brilliant Vindicator later, I had a new body and a good story.

Besides, all had a good laugh,” told Nolak. The demand for body is obvious, however, in addition to Molok, the developers of EVE did not put in the game the opportunity to do something with the remains of players. Although I joked about it in the announcement, timed to coincide with April fools Day. In it, CCP announced a device called the Organic Mass Granulator (OMG), which was to lay the corpses on the basic elements — they alleged, it was possible to enhance the characteristics of the player.

But, of course, it was just a joke. If you want to write the material for the rubric “the Market” tell us about the development of your game or in case of its growth to send the material on [email protected]

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