Creating successful advertising slogans — for example, Volvo, Leroy Merlin, YotaPhone and Nike

Advertising came to us from a world in which English is spoken. Global company hammered the last nail in the coffin, because their goods are sold mostly through “importnode”, and additional efforts in advertising are not required. Still. So creative localize. Localize and disgusting.

Language is not just a way to communicate. It is a way to communicate in a particular place with certain people. Again the context. You will never persuade a Texas farmer to try your beer, telling what butterflies in your stomach.

In the English language is a very important verb. He could turn into another part of speech. It can become part of a compound word or name.

Russian is a more important noun. In the formation of new concepts (words) rather, the verb will become a noun, rather than Vice versa. Nobody, I hope, will not come to mind to translate coffee-to-go as a “Coffee to go” or “Wear me coffee”. In the Russian analogue of the verb is generally no.

So you dont mess with the letters. Its disgusting. Russian language is not “LEGO”, “LEGO”, but circuits which are connected slightly different. And no “Quality” or “Castle Citroen C4” must not exist. And as much as I was tempted to call an app “” “Road”, we did not do that.

. Russian kalambury a little deeper, at the level of meanings. At the level of whole words, not parts of them. And very rarely, but sometimes outrageously successful — at the level of phonetics.

Complete collection of low prices. “Pride and supply,” “Uncle in the bath”. “Every day new” — the options were so many and so much good that its hard to remain objective. But this has kept the mystery.

Daily recommendations for music — “new Every day”. Well. “Gold malt” — this stuff is so brilliant phonetically that still haunts me. I want a beer every time I think about her, so sweetly smooth sound sends a SIP of cool honey bread drink.

“On the other hand, YOTAPHONE”. “Im just better”.

“To each his own” — Yes, we wanted to run “Yandex.Radio” with the slogan “to Each his own”. Because it is personalized and. But it did not work. The connotation was too strong. Few people can accurately explain what is wrong in this version.

But all felt the catch. English is more like “LEGO”. So its safer to pun and “frankensteining”.

For example, on a reusable Cup from Starbucks (which is already not a cardboard, but not thermo) steady hand wrote. “Reusable, recycable, re-enjoyable”. Scary thing is written in one word. In the Russian language for each of the three words has a different way to say “do it again”.

Reusable — many times/re-use, recyclable — recyclable, re-enjoyable — again enjoy. The prefix “re” universal. We dont have one. So “pereyaslavs” and “reuse” have no right to life. In the Russian language, other laws, and only by understanding them, you can afford to break them.

“Innovasi” — I, honestly, dont like this hedlin. But still hes good. It very well solves the problem of the correct text — making a point as quickly as possible, without struggling with the complexity of forms.

“Yes of corsa” is a surprisingly good example of the work of the Russian Agency. Guys are unable to do so awesome in Russian, seemingly, impotence copywriter. But did well in plain English, understandable to the target audience. Why not.

And in General, remember that the pun is humor of the lowest grade. The puns need to be stricter. And in terms of sound and in terms of relevance, and in terms of the availability of meanings. Advertising Russian language is a beautiful poppy field in bloom, which wouldnt be a Mac because of the unpunished violence of weeds.

The most tenacious quinoa — the slogans of participial turnovers. I think that stuff into our heads due to bad once the adapted slogan a La “Shifting expectations”. Again and now with a hot iron. Russian differs from English. First, the verbal form with ending-ing is not equal to the gerund in English (although often really translates as).

In English, the gerund just cant live separately. Imagine that it is afraid of being lonely and every night is calling someone a visit, still who, even Concierge. Because a lonely life for him is meaningless. So it is either with the verb and happily, or it should not be.

All of these dangling “Exceeding expectations”, “Setting rules” and “Breaking the routine” — nagging pain of unresolved issue “And do what?”. A unique situation in which a reasonable person, reading the slogan, asks for call to action. And not getting it.

Thats why I cant be called perfect “Defiantly fast” for “Yandex.Taxi”. It is bright — that is, attracts attention and even remember, when an eye doesnt twitch, the problem of participle almost smooth. Works in General. But if you dissect the phrase, it is still a play on words for the sake of the game.

The introduction of foreign words is normal. This trend means only one thing. The language is alive and evolving. So dont panic. Anglicisms do not impoverish our great and mighty.

But survive only those words that are able to adapt the principles of the language. Are easy to pronounce and to turn in different parts of speech. You can cover up the suffix and to fill time, perfect and set-top boxes. Which have a special meaning, not transmitted as clearly native words (as is typical for inventions made in our culture).

The word is only another form of sense. And the purer they are, the more precisely convey the essence. The expression “I liked his thoughts” is very different from “I polical his post”. Because in the first there is no action.

“Like” means specific action, and post — specific feed information. And no Russian analogue will not help faster than “Russified” English. We just submit the words of others to the principles of their language and, voila, we have the verb “like” and leans in all cases the “post”. Everything that happens in this world strives to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort.

This is the principle that determines the correctness/incorrectness of the solution. So if it is easier and clearer to say “like”, nobody would bother to invent and options like “I sarawil” or speak too much “I said “like””. “Sebasco” also so-so. Its cool, but because of the diminutive suffix attaches to the fact the selfies extra meaning.

“Sebasco” seems appropriate if youre covered in cream and the strawberries. What remains in the end. The brevity of human contact (for example, three seconds on a Billboard) does not justify the alien growths.

No “Cartuning” “Alfa-Bank” will not win them “Come on, lets hit. Your Rostral columns”. Because in it, cartuning, there is no context, and potiranie through the letters to the sense of a very complicated jumble of alien words. It should be simple, and simple is difficult.

So, give your copywriter time to pupate, situated in the context and do not reject options that seem too simple. Believe me, no race for importantly and blind copying will not give the result which can bring understanding of context and good old-fashioned insight. Only here and now, and there is no.

Finally, here is an example of a teaser on the main page “Yandex”. Restrictions mocking— 20 + 22 + 22. It seems that except for the name of the product nothing to shove. But heres an option for “Interpreter”, who broke CTR.

If somehow
not in Russian
“Yandex.The translation” will help. About the product and insitful. Worked.


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