“Cupidus” €? Demand Exchange Of Goods And Services

Today in the category of “Startups” — a platform for ordering of goods and services”, Cupidus”, where everyone can specify the parameters of choice and offer your price. Pass the microphone. My name is Anton Sidorov, 28 years old. Doing startups since 2014.

At the time I went to Indonesia to Bali island, where he taught several entrepreneurial real estate projects. Then briefly lived in Singapore where I first got the idea to make Russia an online service for the exchange and sale of discount cards. To test the idea, we together with the former colleague Vladimir Semenov began with SKOLKOVO. It was the Startup Village in 2015, where we English held a presentation of project ideas “Cupidus”.

Now think if it was in Russian, the response would have been more. Then there was the attempt to go in the FIDI and the Alfa Camp. In the Camp we have been selected. But the business model for the exchange and sale of cards was unprofitable, as we see it anyway.

After a while the former plan was transformed into the idea of establishing a stock exchange demand for goods and services that are purchased on the cards (including season tickets). Testing hypotheses we are on the fitness pass. Using a landing page were the requisition of subscription to a certain area and put a limit on the amount of.

Next, we in the “manual” mode, looking for the pass. Found suitable, not only in fitness clubs, but also from private individuals — many people sell their season tickets, which are no longer in use (due to relocation or other reasons). Now the business model of the exchange of demand”, Cupidus” as follows. Users can leave a request for a service or product (weve added a lot of categories, including various certificates, airline miles, real estate, cars and so on), specifying the settings you want and the maximum price they are willing to pay.

Providers of these services and goods for its part leave sell orders and receive notifications on demand if it fits the proposal. For viewing of contacts needed to pay a price significantly below the average cost Lida, for example, in contextual advertising. We came out of the accelerator with a proven hypothesis, a new business model and road-map development of an exchange demand.

Also put together a small group to search for cards and season tickets at Facebook. Developing web applications is a little bit delayed — we only start 1 February 2017. Plans for the dissemination of the project in Russia and the development of mobile applications.

We want to develop the sharing-economy and create a real (and not imaginary) market demand. After all, it creates supply. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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