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My name is Elena Bogatyreva, I am 35 years old, I am the founder of the service DamProdam. Found best and free niche in the market. Share why you see it a great future. The fact. In Russia there is no worthy place, where the owners of the devices, especially from Apple, can conveniently sell and buy equipment from one another.

Major existing facilities are used only because there is no alternative. At my last place of work in the editorial iPhones.ru we noticed a common problem of large classifides. From the point of view of search topics with technology inconvenient. We drowned in the fraudulent ads and commercial offerings of questionable shops. No need of moderation, user-friendly interfaces, adapted to the particular gadgets from Cupertino.

Section of the iPhone — the navigation device on the market for used smartphones — a lot of lies and deception, 3/4 ad in the end is to weed out. Change is difficult and stressful, a lot of risks as the process of buying and selling, and on the very devices. While major classifide occupied with the problems of expansion, loss of one of the most liquid after cars category second hand goods. It is no secret that owners of Apples predictable cycles of “renewal” of their gadgets. It is common practice that iPhones are sold every year or two to add money and buy a new model.

The devices themselves for years to save the high cost on the secondary market due to strict and a predictable pricing policy Apple: Therefore, users are not afraid of neither buying nor selling used iPhone for 20-30 thousand rubles. This, together with the habits of Apple fans the iPhone makes real engine used-trade. I studied the market and found the absence of competition. We have iPhones.ru was the most targeted traffic, and I have the resources to launch and Luggage ideas.

Last fall I finally decided to do a service for the sale and purchase of Apple equipment, and if you want other gadgets. This spring DamProdam.ru launched in beta mode, and a week ago officially. The audience of the website on the November 2016 — about 120 thousand users. Located 6.5 thousand ads. 1.5 thousand active listings every day.

We started as a platform for Apple, and then followed the needs of the audience. Today on the site are three times more categories. Android smartphones, Windows computers, modems, electronic gadgets and liquids for wapow. The focus will remain on the Apple. In Moscow and St. Petersburg every day out of 50 ads.

60% iPhone, 20% iPad and Mac, 10% — smartphones and tablets of other brands, and 10% other categories. Every three users (35%) returned after three-four months. Amid major classifides we have the following advantages: Each ad can be created quickly and with maximum keyword set for the gadget settings.

Used, was in repair, PCT or “gray”, color, memory. Potential buyers find the desired model instantly, there is no need to filter out unsuitable options by entire pages. We can negotiate, make your offer, leave comments on the posts. There are private messages — use every opportunity openly to users could lead the discussion, to help each other to make the right choice.

Corny soup sold faster than the General classifiedad. We have a survey at the closing of the announcement about the cause, which includes such items. Sold on “Avito”, sold at DamProdam sold somewhere else. Now, we sell their gadgets for about 70% of the ads.

It is a powerful indicator. Any user can protect themselves from fraud 100%, order services check the quality of any used equipment Apple. The master comes to any address on the spot in 20 minutes diagnose: By results of check the owner retains the certificate of quality, and the ads with this device appears “Checked”.

So the product is sold much faster. By mid-year we plan to reach five thousand ads per month. In addition to expanding the audience and have a product we plan to introduce four models of development, most of which are ready to be deployed in the next two months. The first model. The system of instant micro-credit in five minutes.

If the user does not have enough money for the desired model of iPhone ads, it can get the remaining amount. The second model. Quick purchase of smartphones and tablets in the format of a Trade-In. No need to look for willing, just press the button and the device will take company-the implementer. IPhone and other gadgets will buy in any condition, you dont need to leave home for gadget the courier and you will receive the money “on hand”.

The scheme is confirmed with several large service centers. They are willing to buy the device for resale or use parts. In General, a CarPrice. The third model. Delivery of small goods from ads all over Russia.

Several schemes, one of them. The courier picks up the goods on receipt, the parcel using the company delivered to the city of residence of the buyer, where he gets her out of the hands service. Payment by credit card. The fourth model. Auction system, in which any user can take bets on your product.

Plan to involve in this system, sellers of Shuttle traders carrying in Moscow iPhone and iPad in the first few days after launch. In the end, our goal is to simplify buying and selling without entering into the territory of “pay rises”, VIP status and other popular models, which severely limit the usefulness of classifica for users not willing to pay. Try to sell something right now, register and generally all the service is free. If you have a gadget, which can be removed — lay. Write your thoughts, tips and recommendations — we are young, active, listen to all.

Thank you.

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