Death Of A Startup: “the Decision Of The Management Revolv Raises The Question About The Disappearance Of Property”

According to the Nest representatives, may 15, 2016 the team will completely stop the device support Revolv. Employees will not only stop the development and support of “smart” hub, but it also disables already sold device from its API, data owners Revolv will be deleted and accounts cancelled. Nest management noted that the company is considering paying compensation to the buyers Revolv $300. The cost of the device in retail was $299.

Smart hub worked with a mobile application through which the user can control the use of all things “Internet of things” in the house. Technology supported devices from Philips, Sonos, General Electric and other manufacturers. The startup was founded in may 2012, and since the launch managed to attract more than $7 million investment in three rounds. Nest acquires Revolv in October 2014. Then the manual Nest has announced that it will continue to develop technology Revolv, but the sale of devices will be suspended.

According to Nest co-founder Matt Rogers; Revolv gathered in “an incredible team”, but users didnt want “another “smart” hub”. The news of the closure of the project gathered a lot of negative reviews online. Investor Arlo Gilbert Revolv compared with an “empty jar from-under hummus $299”. “This decision raises an interesting issue.

When software and hardware are woven into a single product, does that mean that the manufacturer may at any time to disconnect users from the system without any consequences. Looks like CEO of Nest believes that Yes. Tony Fadell thinks he can just walk into your house and permanently disable one of the purchased devices,” writes Gilbert. The investor noted that he considers himself a real fan of a “smart” home. “In my house installed a motion sensor Z-wave, which determines which side of the house I drove up, transmits the data to Revolv, the hub includes lights.

Revolv also includes garden lighting just after sunset. Its magical. In addition, I have a lamp for 20 minutes before wakeup starts to illuminate my room, going from faint to bright glow. It also controls Revolv — with the help of the Sonos system. Revolv is the conductor of my orchestra is beautiful “smart” home devices”.

May 15 my house will stop working. Landscape illumination will no longer be switched on and off, the lights will cease to illuminate when the sensor detects movement near the house. So decided to guide Google and Nest. “Nest just sent all the people who believed in the product. I also want to note that the company has my email address, but the only way for the buyer to know that soon the gadget will stop working — go to the website of Revolv,” continues Gilbert.

“Look, Im a big boy, and I understand that this is not the end of the world. Several hundred dollars is not so expensive. But Google gives me a number of questions and concerns about other Microsoft products”. That Google decided to turn into a brick as.

If the company decides to stop supporting Android, does this mean that all smartphones based on this OS will stop working. How about Nexus devices, Nest, Dropcam, Chromecast?. All devices listed by Gilbert, hardware and software are inextricably linked. “Imagine that not only Apple can replace your device in case of a defect, but reserves the right to block smartphone after 12 months of use. Is the era of “Internet of things” will put an end to the concept of ownership?”.

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