Design Creation With No Content

Examples from the team of digital Agency Red Collar. It happens that when you contact the Agency and the client is worried and asks. “And if we have some photos of the product, the website will turn out bad?”.

Indeed. How much information, how many texts, videos and photos needed to create beautiful and high-quality website?. Our answer – not at all. Enough just ideas.

The experience of Agency Red Collar, out of the ten projects, only one customer is content for the website, which can be taken into account when creating design concepts. In other cases, remains to work with a minimum of introductory and your imagination. Describe specific case studies, how to make a bright, unusual project with virtually no content.

Common case where the client has only the product and its packaging. The purpose of the site is the presentation of the brand and drive awareness. The best solution here is to make the appearance of the product the Central element. Do not put in the middle of the page is a photo of the product.

Waste on the concept of more resources, do more unusual, brighter, better. ARM-auto is a German company specializing in the manufacture of paints and varnishes for cars. At the entrance was varnish, paint and putty. It was necessary to distinguish from other manufacturers and be remembered by the buyer that he learned a product on the shelf in the physical store.

For realism made the render and put it on the website in 360 degree. The object can be scrolled with scrolls and imagine if you were holding a jar in his hands. The formula of the incarnation.

Art Director, photographer, 3D Modeler and eight oclock in the rendering of the model in the program. The packaging is perceived to be what is in the physical world and awareness of the product increases. Another similar example.

Childrens Breakfast Marc. The design concept of the website was created based on the style of the box. And again – the animation with a full view to every visitor might consider packing on all sides; to remember to be curious and to imagine that the product is already in the hands. Contrast to the first example in that the first was not physical boxes, only the layout, scan.

The model had to be created, intuitively selecting density of paper packaging. We have developed five models, as the product has five different flavors. The formula of the incarnation. Art Director, 3D Modeler, and 40 hours of rendering models in the program.

The case when product – service and the customer has only the logo. As advocates antistoksova content we are trying to create new and unusual even from ordinary pictures. Prostor Capital.

On the home page view of a coastal town, its silhouette follows the shape of the logo. To obtain such a picture, made a collage of a dozen photos. Animated water adds a sense of presence and dynamics. The formula of the incarnation.

Art Director, designer, photomanipulation and 24 hours of work subject to approvals and modifications. The section “About the team” is also important because in services the companys credibility plays a key role. Easiest option is to take a photo from Facebook or from personal archives. You can arrange standard professional photo shoot and post high-quality images.

To feel more close communication made “live” photo in the style of Newspapers of “Harry Potter”. Put video on a static image. Now managing Director a friendly smile to everyone, who decided in absentia to meet the team of the company.

The formula of the incarnation. Art Director, videographer, photographer, Retoucher, 5 hours of shooting and 14 hours of treatment. The following example is the website of childrens entertainment center “Dinosaur”. At the time of treatment customers have had not only a logo or corporate identity, but even the premises for business.

The logo is painted, but the content for “blind” in the truest sense of the word. Babies like to hug soft, voluminous toys, parents also expect a positive, bright images associated with children. Therefore, we chose plasticine. And every detail on the website made from this material, many of them animated.

The formula of the incarnation. Art Director, designer, photographer, 16 hours of modeling and 4 hours of filming.

Another company wanted to present meat brand. In the beginning there was not even pictures of the products – only the logo and standard packing. Built the design concept: the drawings of cattle. In particular, drew an interactive model with a map of cuts and other illustrations.

Commissioned product in raw and cooked forms. “Flavored” page with pictures of fragrant sprigs of rosemary, Laurel leaves and polka dots pepper. And no triviality.

Photos of happy cows, Sunny meadows and smiling batchers. The formula of the incarnation. Art Director, designer, Illustrator and 15 hours on a drawing.

Something harder. When there is no logo, no packaging. Dive deep into the meanings and associations. App Time is money for those who work remotely.

Lawyers, translators, teachers and all those who advises in the distance. Through audio and video the software allows you to allocate time for consultations and guarantee payment of services. Now the app is still in development, this means that when you create a design concept with nothing but a name.

Here good help mind map. We combined this with the brainstorming and developed a system of symbols related to time. The calendar and clock, reminder on the monitor, flying the airplane, headphones and tablet, travelling waves and arrows.

The formula of the incarnation. Team full team and two hours of active discussion. Send your speakers and front-end cases [email protected]

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