“Design of liner” — a usability analysis of the website from users and professional designers

Hi. My name is Anton GENOV, 32 years. In April 2015 we launched the service “Design liner”, which helps websites to become more comfortable and humane. It works like this. The webmaster or the owner of the website sends to the audit.

Two reviewers. A regular visitor and a professional designer will appreciate the ease of use, and write reviews. The visitor tells how to understand the purpose of the site and tries to perform a typical scenario (buy flowers, place your resume, to see a doctor).

The designer draws attention to the blunders of the layout, ease of use and editing. Feature service — burnt. This visitor, who is ruthless to the site and doesnt mince words. A review of Burning is disabled by default, but more than half his customers include.

I created a “Design-liner”, because I want every webmaster, designer or business owner in Runet for a couple of days to get feedback on your website. That is inconvenient, what scenarios do not work, what errors of design and layout. Gladly reviewed complex online services.

But glad to help corporate websites and online stores. Do not work with sites that break the law or make the world worse. Black SEO, Supplements, pyramid schemes. We began work in April of this year, and by mid-September helped 170 sites.

Customer service team — 10 people. Regular users, designers and burnt. Write briefly and to the point. The review is 980 rubles, the average response time is 5 days. Contact.

Return the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/startup-agency-one-way-past-founders-can-help-new-ones/

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