Deskun System To Work With Projects And Clients In Gmail

My name is Yuri Grechko, I am 25 years old. I am the founder and project Manager Deskun. In the it field for over 10 years. Startups are about two years.

We began to develop Deskun when I needed to choose a good ticket system for internal company needs. We have about 10 people working on different projects, and it is difficult to keep in mind all tasks and plans. All employees used the email from Google, so we considered the system that allows you to organize joint work in Gmail. After a search, decided to create a product that eventually became commercial.

Was very funny a solution that allows to organize as the management of projects and tasks and user support on the basis of the Gmail interface. The project has two programmers, two designers, system administrator and your humble servant. We start June 3. Plans to develop Grand. Now modify API to provide public access and reflect on the creation of a CRM-system based on Deskun.

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