Developer UC Browser Played Taxi Passengers, To Show The Effect Of Annoying Ads On The Internet

Representatives of the company told that started on the streets of St. Petersburg a special taxi, arleene advertisements. During the trip the driver communicated with passengers using only advertising slogans, offering them goods and services — for example, shampoo, job search, Dating sites and the cream for penis enlargement. Judging by the staff from the movie, the passengers respond to the drivers behavior negatively, we asked him to shut up or to drop them off before the destination. At the end of the road the driver explained that the passenger was the victim of a practical joke — after that the hero was allowed to try the phone browser, UC Browser, blocking ads in Internet, and was offered seats in a sports car. The development of the UC Browser company UCWeb, which is a holding company Alibaba Mobile Business Group.

In the browser you have installed ad blocker, which, according to the creators, allows to make using the Internet faster and safer. UCWeb technology cuts out low-quality ads, reduces traffic, makes mobile surfing faster up to 40%, protects against viruses and gathering personal data. According to UCWeb, daily in Russia, the browser blocks about 120 million banners — statistics on number of blocked banners and saved traffic is displayed in the address bar of the application. UC Browser 2013 attracted more than 10 million Russian-speaking users. 95% of the users of the Android version included ad-blocking feature.

AdBlock works as a plug-in. The user can turn it off and customize at their discretion, also send a complaint against advertisements which are not willing to see. Every month companies get up to 7 thousand of such visits. The creators of UC Browser clarify that portion of their service in the Russian market is growing rapidly due to the popularity of the browser on Android.

According to LiveInternet, more than 2.2 million English-speaking users on a daily basis using UC Browser. According to statistics from StatCounter, UC Browser in 2015 ahead in popularity all over the world and Safari came in second place. The developers explain this by the growth in China, India and Indonesia — the combined population of these countries is 2.8 billion people. According to the same service, in Russia UC Web ahead of its competitor “Yandex.The browser”.

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