“Differences in mentality almost led to a breakdown of the global project”

One of the main causes of the collapse of domestic business — lack of experience in large Western corporations. These “machines” can teach the entrepreneur to structure business processes, to build transparent and work with many partners, to ensure a model of continuous growth, and to integrate local businesses into the global network. Job position brand Manager at PepsiCo Russia, British American Tobacco and United Breweries Heineken, offer managers to adopt the best practices of major corporations.

Bureaucracy, work for the sake of process, not result, corruption, lack of initiative, cronyism are inherent features of major companies. About these issues, much has been told. More interesting to investigate how the experience of working in corporations helps managers to avoid mistakes, prepare for force majeure and, in General, to bring your business to a new level of control. Corporations are run like clockwork, because each team member understands his area of responsibility, the necessary competence for the tasks and expected performance indicators.

Corporate culture is a global road map. You know exactly whats going to happen tomorrow, next month and even a year. Some people perceive this stability as a hotbed of inertia in a team and simulate the working process, others see the basis for success. Multitasking is an important factor in the workflow Manager of the Corporation.

“Universal soldiers” must be able to simultaneously launch an advertising campaign, write a report to management, to converse employee, allocate the budget, to select partners, and more. Systematization of processes provides a stable efficiency of not only the individual employee but also to the whole company. Within the Corporation you speak the same language, follow a common understanding of timing. Moreover, large corporations took a job in the agile approach.

Today they are ready to meet the staff, turning a blind eye to the location of its mobile workplace. I was involved in several major projects to launch new flavors, packaging and innovative products. This often requires a major retooling of the production site. From the point of view of project management, launch of new production line at the plant of PepsiCo and the development of a simple single-page website for a client in the Agency have the same structure and approach.

You need to determine the entire scope of work, to appoint the persons responsible for all processes, document the timing and control points. It remains only to adjust and optimize some of the processes in the course of work to meet deadlines. Everything seems simple, but the scale of different projects are not comparable.

In a large Corporation involved in dozens of professionals from several countries with narrow and non-uniform fields, and the liability of tens of millions of dollars. Without clear processes and defined job duties can take up to a year just to figure out to whom and in what order you need to contact on all issues. But the business cant afford such extravagance — it should work like a conveyor belt.

Lets not romanticize the role of the individual in the car corporations. This cog from the beginning shows more effective results in conjunction with other cogs. Teamwork has its own rules of the game. The characters get along, experience supplements, positions are not inconsistent, and enrich.

In team sports it is impossible alone to achieve results. Selfishness replaces mutual support, assistance, reliability and understanding. Every coach (read — head) needs to build a friendly atmosphere in the team. The ultimate goal — every cog trust their own kind.

Experience implementing high-load team project where team expanded with partners, helps in the future to work out the requirements to own the team and its work. In such corporations, as Mars welcome constructive criticism of their colleagues. Comments are not perceived zealously, and as feedback or help. At the application level teamwork helps to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the tools of project management.

Sometimes it is funny. Senior Manager, digital communications one of the largest advertisers of Russia asked your partner to develop a mobile application for monitoring current advertising campaigns. And the need for such a tool also comes with experience in corporations. Interestingly, in the matter of an advertising Agency or start-UPS can give great odds to Western companies.

In the latter is often the biggest challenge on the project are not technical obstacles and managerial tasks, and intrigue, power struggles and internal politics. I watched the project to launch a new flavor of iced tea, which according to all studies, consumers do not need to run. But one of the top managers in the annual plan was a mandatory task for the new product launch. As a result, through some departments and agreeing with the other, he insisted on startup.

The project team spent huge resources on it, and in less than a year and a half, the product was removed from production due to lack of demand. Agency staff are much stronger focus on team rather than individual results. Corporations encourage employees to develop.

In the growth system included trainings, case studies, attend conferences, international events. Standardized system of assessment (evaluation) helps managers to track the growth of competencies of their subordinates. A similar process can be perceived as imposed from outside the corporate culture, and can approach him individually. First, this external stimulus to move forward (to declare tasks, tools for their decisions and be accountable for the results).

Secondly, it is an opportunity to use company resources for the growth of their own competencies. Thirdly, is the key to access the working time and the experience of your colleagues. In every company Ive encountered different systems evaluations and employee development plans. I close the 70-20-10 principle.

It lies in the fact that 70% of new knowledge the employee may receive through personal experience, 20% through the guidance of the Director and 10% through training and review of the literature. In the late 2000s I identified priority skill development — maintaining cross-functional projects involving a large number of departments. We are leader determined approach to learning. I got a complicated project that was assigned few of the colleagues in my position, but the head does not stop me to make decisions, but was always ready to give advice and to insure.

As a theoretical study, we had a case studies a La MBA, reading specialized books and receipt of certificate of completion of specialized training. For the year I have exceeded goals and received a promotion. The mistake most employees at this stage — too much hope for trainings. This, of course, useful, but in my case — not more than 3-4% of the components of success.

Imagine that every day you get more than 100 emails at a corporate Inbox. Many of them are marked “red flag” importance. Your actions.

Work in corporations allows everyone to enhance the skills of processing and systematization of the vast amount of information. Every day you have to deal with arrays of data, endless Excel sheets with numbers, industry news, legislation changes. Not to drown in this you can help the following tools.

Smart planning and prioritization of tasks will also become your loyal assistants. You have to learn to highlight the most important and spend two minutes on irrelevant issues. On your way will stand phone calls, distractions in openspace colleagues, the risks hanging out in the kitchen with coffee and biscuits, a chance meeting, a conversation in the toilet, but you have to cope with its task — otherwise you will cope with you.

Illustrative case. When I came back from vacation at PepsiCo, it took me two days to read and process all the accumulated e-mail. Some of my colleagues at the normal time do not have time to read the letter and responded to them in two weeks. But when youre responsible for brand communication on the Federal level, you have to be safe and to be aware of all workflows.

One of my colleagues missed an urgent letter about the need to provide a certificate of conformity in a remote area. As a result sales were blocked for a few days. Dont think it will be that the lions share of his life brand Manager spends in the email.

Many young professionals starting to work in corporations, greatly surprised that they can ask any top Manager, and he will answer. The usual model for the world “boss — employee” is replaced by a horizontal management in corporations. Smart people will quickly realize the benefits of such a model for your own career growth. In modern educational practices in addition to team work dominates the format of mentoring.

Corporations have encouraged it, seeing it as the responsibility of individual Department and for the results of. Therefore, a win-win situation — an appeal to top managers or middle managers of the company with a request to help learn a specific skill or solve a particular case. The bundle “mentor — student” grows an exceptional professional, subsequently revitalizing this format of relations. About 10 years ago I started Junior brand Manager of Heineken brand.

I was surprised that I was appointed responsible for the implementation of the global sponsorship of the film “the Bourne Ultimatum” in Russia. The project included an extensive media support and organization of several events. The extremely tight deadlines. My supervisor was on vacation, and the next Manager of the hierarchy in a long international business trip.

I tried not to let on that its hard for me, but the Vice-President of marketing himself took the initiative to spend with me for a few hours a week, teaching all the secrets of international marketing. Ive delayed processing of all routine tasks after hours so as to take full advantage of the opportunity to communicate with top management and soaked up the experience like a sponge. As a result, I have successfully completed the project, despite the absence of a number of managers, and pumped several important skills in a short period.

Now media is actively discussing the topic of immigrants. Your team can work the representatives of France, USA, Malaysia, Poland and Russia. Experience working in large corporations teaches us to find common language with people from different countries. And if you think that phrase written on a dry corporate language that is understandable to all participants in the workflow, you are mistaken.

The devil is in the details — the accents, tone of communication, cultural code and many other factors. The most striking case is the cooperation with the centre for development and innovation Unilever in the UK. Revealed two major differences between our countries. Russia is a country with a developing economy in which everything happens very quickly.

The British are accustomed to a measured and quiet pace of work. The second difference lay in the mentality and stylistic features of communication. The British even the most violent rage and indignation demonstrate the famous cold civility. Often florid language with courtesies lost even the sense of what is happening.

In Russia, however, is characterized by less restrained and clearly expressing your emotions. All this almost led to a breakdown of the global project. We had to run it in six months, and the British side insisted on two years. Several weeks of talks led to a series of quarrels and need to set up a personal meeting, dedicated only to the discussion of cultural differences.

Arbitrator was made by a top Manager from Eastern Europe, which is close to us in mentality, but sympathized with the Western approach to the work. Work at Google or Facebook — the dream of millions. But thousands of employees of these companies on a daily basis revolve as proteins in the corporate wheel, violate the immutable laws of balance of work and personal life are in permanent stress for deviations from the results.

Think such as a unique experience. The ability to stop and look around more new post. Large corporations sober. A professional understands that he doesnt want to continue such a game and goes his own way.

Opens your business, writes books, travels, creates a family, she is raising children, emigrated. Everyone chooses their priorities in life. Often they contrast with the world of the so-called “white collar”. But you dont try, you will not understand.

The trend for startups annually draws thousands of valuable human resources from under the nose of headhunters corporations. Hard to say whether it is good, but the experience gained in large corporations definitely will allow you to professionally manage your own business. Experience in large corporations and the timely job offer has helped me to be on the other side of the business in the position of marketing Director in an advertising Agency Daily Profit. Experience working in large corporations has allowed me to formulate pozicionirovanie Agency.

The top management of our company worked on the client side, so were talking to advertisers in the same language, understand their problems. If you are involved in a Corporation, not focus on the process, and the result is a set of developed skills, implementation of projects, the creation of a network of relationships within the company and outside (partners, media, competitors). Develop for yourself a system of goals, the achievement of which you grow within the Corporation or in time it will leave. Remember about “work-life balance” that helps to understand that life does not end at work.

There is a whole world, including your family and work.

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