Digital year: most popular content about advertising and marketing

For the photo shoot staff sat on a diet, refused the alcohol and started to exercise every day. In may, the shop with Italian products in Moscow, Don Giulio Salumeria placed near the interior Ministry building Billboard, which concealed the poster of her goods from the police and showed instead the advertising shop of dolls. To implement the company used the software for face recognition and changed it so that it was determined police badges and patches.

Creative Director of branding Agency Depot WPF Alexander Zagorskiy wrote a column in which he analyzed the identity of global companies and explained how the fonts of the logo reflect the characteristics of different brands. After extensive discussion about the February color of the dress, the girl published under the name Swiked on Tumblr, hundreds brands choose to use the noise around the situation to promote their products.

Publications on this topic did Tide, Samsung, Lego, Guinness, Absolut, Beeline, MTS and other companies, applying the dispute about the color of their brands. The founder closed in winter 2015 service tailored jeans Getwear Yakov Karda described, as was provided for the marketing in the company. Why can not contextual advertising and provocative content in Facebook what effect has brought the action in body painting jeans on the girls and as reflected in the sales a blog.

The material with the views of media experts and data representatives of “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, which debunks the idea of a strong age difference between the audiences of social networks.

In March “Rosebank” has released a browser-based game on the theme of fights with Oleg Tinkoff. The game offers the user to Dodge cards of “Tinkoff Bank” and restore his health with smoothies. The design plays with the tariff “Rosebank” “Cozy space”.

Advertising, criticized for incorrect information about products. Japanese advertisements are almost always puzzling and the question is why it is so popular.

In the material collected videos created for this market and expert opinion about why restrained and well-mannered Japanese like this kind of advertising.


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