Director Of Game Sector Mail.Ru Group About The New PvP Shooter Pirates. Rage Online

Sergey Babaev. Lets just draft. As I understand it, it is based on the universe “rage”?. Basil Magorian. Yes, our new project — in the setting of “rage”.

He will look at the events in the universe “Allods Online”, the part of a powerful group of pirates. The idea of creating a per-session mode battles on the astral ships came to us for a long time, still in the development stage, “Allods Online”. In the end, she grew into an independent project. “Pirates” session PvP-action?. Not just the session action, the session shooter with dynamic combat in flying sailboats.

Now the game has PvP battles in the format of 7 on 7. In the future the number of available PvP maps and modes, of course, will be expanded. The PvE modes are also in development. “Rage” — even the setting is highly unusual, but judging by the commercials, you even more he was crystallizable to this fabulous steampunk (subjective). No fear that such an approach significantly narrows the audience?.

No, the fact that the setting of “rage” is unique. First and foremost its a Russian fantasy, is very close to our compatriots, and (as experience has shown, “Allods Online”) not only to them. Universe Allods Online was very warmly welcomed by players the world over. Second of all, fantasy does not exclude the presence of anthropogenic, Maybank and steampunk elements. These elements have always been present in “rage” and got along well with the traditional magic and fabulousness.

On rollers, it seems that ships in the office — a kind of slow planes. They are gaining and losing altitude, but the overall dynamics of the battle leisurely, focused on tactics. So. Or “Pirates” on the contrary sharpened by hurricane dynamic battles?. Initially, we thought that fighting on ships should be slow.

That kind of shooting huge dreadnoughts, where each hit decides the fate of battles, and punishes every mistake and nullifies the chances of winning. The team made a prototype, we tried this gameplay, and we did not like it. So we decided to cross the fighting on the ships and abilities of a traditional RPG, and add by the ships acceleration and handling. In the end we got the combat.

Thus the speeds at which the fight takes place, were not as great as in games about planes or colosimo. The distance from which shots have also managed to reduce. In the “Pirates” do not have to skirmish on a giant distances, we dont force the player to fight with the pixel at a distance of 10 thousand km, the enemy is always clearly visible. Air control sailboat differs from the conventional control of the ship.

Our ships can move in any direction. You can full speed ahead to include a reverse engine and fly back; such maneuvers bring flavor to the established gameplay. The ability of ships to which each class at least a dozen, is the cornerstone of our battles. The value of life you ask low. Life is restored out of combat (if the player is not taking damage), and after his death, he recovers and returns to the thick of things.

Right?. By default, the amount of life out of combat is not restored, but the astral ships, Allods Online has always had energy shields. We decided not to abandon the idea and use shields in the “Pirates”. The shield is restored out of combat, if you do not attack opponents. There are also special ships that can restore and enhance energy shields of their allies and weaken or disable the enemy shields.

Expect different PvP modes?. Yes, we focus on the different battle modes. For example, the closed beta test, which starts on July 27, players will be able to assess how traditional capture strategic points and new modes with the capture of the treasure and plunder caravans.”. To discuss the emergence of the art style probably makes no sense — it is completely inherited from the “Allods Online”?.

But this does not mean that we did not introduce anything new. Ship design inherits the technology and the League of Empire Allods Online, but as our men fight on the other end of Sarnaut, players will see new elements. Away from powerful civilizations have to use the available materials and of the ships of defeated enemies, so the art style players will be able to find a lot. By the way, any experts were involved to assess whether it is a fantastic ship hypothetically behave in one way or another — so shoot, move. Here or a complete flight of fancy with no restrictions and bind to some reality?.

It is a fantasy. We cannot rely only on the laws of physics, but we must not forget that detachment from reality is very hard on the overall picture and perception of what is happening. Flying and fighting our ships have to operate on the same principles as the movement battles with real ships, only with the caveat that the battles occur in the air. Ships cant jump, fly in a spiral and write the triple coats, like a real skaters.

But they can fly up and down and make sharp turns at the expense of ability. Fantasy the equipment allows them to perform many movements in space, teleport and do other tricks. How many people are involved in the development. They are part of the Allods Team?. Will start with the last question.

Yes, the creators of the game — its part of the Allods Team. At some point, several enthusiasts from all quietly started to do this project in the evenings, in a warm lighting environment. Periodically there were rumors that part of the team is doing some fighting on ships. A little later came the first comments since plateshow prototype.

When it became clear that this topic is not only interesting to a small group of creators, but to many people, not involved in the development, you guys made a working version and showed it to the Studio. After this screening, the project was put into production. Team was formed, and now the “Pirates” employs 30 people. “Pirates” is still the expansion of the universe and a kind of fan service for fans of “rage”. Or complete an independent project that you plan to bring to the world stage?.

This is an independent project, which the unfolding events in the universe “Allods Online”. We would like to show the project, the players, to get their feedback and based on it define the further vector of development of the project. If the game establish itself in Russia, there are plans to launch it in Europe and America.

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