Discounts, Windows, And Doctors: Useful Chats And Channels In A Telegram To Solve Problems

All people are “normal” problems that need to be addressed, and the Telegram messenger it is possible to find communities that will help. The channel Creator about services, technologies and applications to automate All-in-One Person Konstantin Dokuchaev collected a list of channels and chat rooms which will help you to solve “everyday” questions. When using Telegram sometimes there are questions on setting up client, about chat rooms, groups and so on. To help solve these problems will help two channel. Here we publish the latest news about the Telegram and all that is connected with it.

In addition, here you will find information about the latest updates, locating customers for Telegram, features, “chips”, the actual boats and will be able to communicate in a special group. The largest Russian chat Telegram with more than 900 participants. In the chat, subscribers can ask questions and discuss everything related to their favorite instant messenger. Experienced chat participants, well-versed in many issues of the messenger will help to solve problems, to find certain bots and other chat rooms or stickers. It is better to clearly ask questions on the merits, and not to deviate from the topic chat.

@tgchat already isolated chat, where you can also find a solution to the problems with Telegram, you can read about news and discuss related topics. Mentioning about Telegram, it is impossible not to mention about the bots. These channels and chats will come to the rescue, if you have questions on odd bots.

Initially, the channels made for himself and was closed. Later, the access is public, so everyone can quickly find the right bot. At the moment it is the second version of the channels. Both channels are similar in nature but different in content. In both there are bots on all occasions and to resolve any problems.

The authors of the TV trying to put a unique of bots and therefore, in order not to miss anything, you should subscribe to both. In chat BotsHelper you can find a bot or order. Chat created by the authors channels @botcollection and @obzorchik to help the search bots and discussion of everything connected with them. Authors channel Vadim Sterkin gives “secret knowledge” about Windows, seasoned with experience in the use of Android, security tips and funny pictures. Readers of the channel is always ready to discuss the “features” of Windows 10, suggest a solution and just chat about computers, smartphones, games and bikes.

Unfortunately, the Telegram is only a small number of channels for the owners of technology from Apple, and chat in General no. The most useful channel to search for solutions on the problem will be the band of the same name of the resource Here we publish not only Apple news, but the answers to the questions of readers of the site and helpful articles on setting up Apple gadgets. There are two favorite systems. The Second Unix.

If your eyes are tired from dancing with tambourines. Any questions on any Unix systems, except Kali, quick responses and interaction among “friends”. This is the second “reincarnation” of the chat generated by the active participants of the first version. Chat — an offshoot of other useful chat @that_is_linux. In this channel you will find answers to common questions on the PC and analyzed the issues from the subscribers of the channel.

Tips on repair and configure the PC with his hands, only useful and tested program. The unique case when the chat more useful and interesting channel. Gathered here are “computer people”, administrators of the chat is the most experienced of them. Any computer problem both software and “iron” will find its solution. Here you can ask questions, ask for advice or consult with other users of the PC.

If you do not cope with decision problems that administrators of the chat will help remotely. In the channel Breaking Trends to write about emergency MediaTrend with examples of regional and foreign mass media, media jobs, theses events. Chat Julia closed Sagitova for free reading. Here the author has collected a lot of journalists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There are as the chief editor and correspondents.

You can consult and discuss materials from different media. To request access to the chat from Julia (@yuliazagitova). As a rule, Telegram channels discounts leave much to be desired. Discounts are not real, all the goods from AliExpress. Plus, no references, no sources.

The author of this channel diligently corrects sad situation and publishes only verified and really interesting discounts on gadgets, services and programs. This is a chat where subscribers are looking for, share, and discuss discounts. To save it is so nice. Channel Heating for those who can not live without photo. For the most part it collected professional photographs, but you can find interviews with authors, or tips.

Channel PS Tips. Creative & Amazing designed for amlodipinesee party. The emphasis is on the practical side. Lessons, life hacks, work with the tools. Chat for photographers from @heating.

Share, discuss, criticize and learn with other photographers. This chat is more designed to answer questions of subscribers on Adobe Photoshop and other tools for editing and distribution of useful material. Channel dedicated to evidence-based medicine. Are medical journalists “Medusa” — Dasha Sarkisyan, Marianne Mirzoyan and Karina Nazaretyan. Articles, recommendations, analysis for medical research and hypochondriacs.

General medical chat. Participants — physicians and medical students — will help in obscure questions about the treatment and prompt specialized medical channel or chat. Respond quickly and efficiently. As can be seen in the Telegram there is a lot of chat channels and not only for display but to solve the most common tasks.

Admins chat and the authors of the channels responsible approach to the management of their resources. So you can get timely, high-quality response from experts in the industry.

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