Discussion: Remember your first game in Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is one of the most popular video games in the history of the industry. “Mario — Mickey mouse world of video games, the most recognizable symbol of the gaming industry and a kind of mascot of Nintendo” — the newspaper writes CNN. CNN has compiled the five most important milestones in the history of Super Mario Bros.

Eight-bit Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America and Europes giant some time after the launch of Super Mario Bros — at the end of 1985. In Japan it came out in 1983 under a different name. Super Mario Bros was the best selling game for the platform. The game itself has sold 42 million copies, and its sequel Super Mario Bros 3 — with a circulation of 17 million copies.

In 1989, Mario became animated character about him and his brother Luigi was filmed a three-part cartoon “super Show of superbrace Mario”. In 1992, the characters of Super Mario Bros are the main characters of another video game series is Mario Kart. It was also developed by Nintendo.

In games series brothers were riders — and the player was required to lead them to victory in the competitions. In the early 90-ies Mario brothers became heroes full movie “Super Mario Bros.”. The film became a flop — talked about film critics and journalists, and in 2007 the Director of the movie called this movie “the worst film in his career”.

Another important point in the history of Super Mario Bros, according to CNN, the release of the Nintendo 64 console and the release of the video game Super Mario 64. In the new version of the popular project the player had to explore three-dimensional world of Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 64, writes CNN, is considered one of the most complex and popular video games of all time.

The editorial heading “Market games” invites readers to recall how they first played Super Mario Bros, and what are your impressions of the game.

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