Distribution, Status Of Orders And Application For Online-recording: The Latest Authorized Applications “Vkontakte”

During the second half of February and beginning of March the community of “Vkontakte” was enlarged by three more applications. Now, community administrators can deliver news directly in private messages subscribers, the managers of online shops can instantly notify their customers about changing the status of the order, the representatives of the beauty industry received a specialized service for customer records for services. Opening access to the business communities of professional tools for promotion and customer service, “Vkontakte” reinforces his position platform that plans to integrate more closely to the personal and business space of each. It is convenient to be a customer, just here to be a seller. Do not get involved in commercial communications to users all the more difficult.

And now its not only advertising, but also other elements of marketing communications that use an increasing number of communities. Over the past six months “Vkontakte” has presented several tools for business — private and corporate. Is a directory of products from users and companies, remittances, personal messages, applications to register for events, purchase tickets, working with customer database and processing of feedback, a lot of new options got ad formats. When you consider that previously, such opportunities were absent or appeared in the test mode, and again disappeared, today the Commerce in social networks is evolving very, very quickly. Lets look at new tools from the point of view of the interaction cycle with the client.

Before the infrastructure for business ended at the first stage, engaging the audience. After the interaction with the advertising message, the user either goes to the site, a group or the public, in which the set is tuned for the retention of and interaction with the client tools were missing. Of course, when you put community management the user to obtain valuable information and answers to questions, and even to ripen on the purchase. Advice in the pinned topics in the comments under posts, bright information and advertising content stream is promoted loyalty rather than sales, and if sales pending. “VKontakte”, including thanks to the emergence of embedded business tools — apps for communities — organically cluttered with functionalities which deal with the very serious business it is likely someone will be able without leaving the social network.

Now, to obtain the most desirable target action, to lead the customer to the site is not necessarily. To collect and process leads and summary, to promote events and sell tickets right in the group. In “Vkontakte” it is possible to make the customer to re-purchase, having built an elaborate chain of touches with the built-in group of CRM system and e-mail marketing system, to organize-notification of clients. That is not just to give a push, sending the customer to the “basket”, but carefully accompany the following stages of interaction with the business. In one of our previous articles we have discussed in detail 8 applications designed to support processes that such a comprehensive marketing.

Today we continue the review. With the app you can organize targeted mailings delivered a personal message subscribers. If you consent to receive notifications from the group, the user chooses which topics it wants to receive mailings. It is expected that “Lists” have become the most controversial application.

Community administrators tried to understand the loopholes to spam the subscribers and the subscribers of the threat of invasion of personal scared. Representatives of the applications for its part claim that the receipt of the news in “personal” can only be voluntary, and strongly warn the administrators that: In our view, “Lists” convenient and useful tool only for the very close ties “community subscriber”. It will be good to work in teams, uniting team members, where it is important that the information was timely communicated to every member of the band.

Any other community needs to come to LS-marketing head. It means to abuse the trust and attention of subscribers to send a “PM” only the most valuable information. And very dosed. How it works.

After ordering in the online shop the customer receives a unique number. Now observe how the order is processed, approved and shipped you can not only e-mail and SMS, but also in personal messages Vkontakte. Another way to deliver information about change of status in private messages the client — to set the widget to “Allow notifications” on the page confirming the order. But not all customers are equally important information about the stages of the product if the terms are not problems. Therefore, in order not to cause negative, recommend to other ways of subscriptions for status change.

Today the app is integrated with three CMS. InSales, Beatrix and RetailCMS. Docking with the CMS of other companies in development. From the point of view of customer service app, of course, useful. Messages personalized.

To overasselt drawn by the name, the text will automatically get listed in the design details of delivery — it all adds messages informative and even robotic, but customer centricity. This is the most recent authorized app, and it is focused primarily on salons and private masters of the beauty industry. From the application installed in group stylist or Studio, it is possible to sign up to a favorite master or of interest to the service. Confirm the entry by any other way is not required, and not to forget the visit will help SMS.

For business installation of the application in a group involves the school on the website of the service personal Cabinet saloon or private master otherwise to receive and process the reserves will not work. It would seem that an app with similar feature — online account services — have already been added to apps for communities. In the first review authorized applications “Vkontakte” we have considered the main functions of another service, YClients, and pointed out that for service industries, the service itself is paid and install the app into the slot without business registration in the cloud service will not work. Today we decided to go a little further and to understand what online records are different from each other and why in the list of “Vkontakte” there is both. We considered the possibility of two services on the side of their sites.

Just in case we specify that the functions which are presented in the conclusions are valid only for a fully functional cloud solution. Application “Vkontakte” take on only one of the many options — the organization entry to the masters. So: DIKIDI Online is a good option for salons and masters of the beauty industry, as its functionality includes a pair of industry characteristics. First, the service catalog has been added to the most typical categories and procedures, and secondly, when working with the schedule of records can be considered fairly specific point employment resources.

For example, the salon can only be one massage table, and even if there are two masseurs parallel recording on the same service and time would be impossible. The service is free. Token money can connect the basic Analytics of sales and the most important features to consider.

YClients system, fully automates the services. Write to the masters to the management, accounting and inventory. Despite the fact that YClients as DIKIDI Online — too cloud service, deployed here possibility for much more serious analysts, automation, client service, settlements with employees, communications with contractors, the sales organization. Marketing professionals and managers to configure complex loyalty programs, measure their effectiveness, to build reports based on the different patterns.

Rich features CRM-module and all the necessary instruments for the business support services sector will allow to do without any other programs. The service is not confined to any particular sector and is suitable for any company interested in building long-term relationships with clients and increase their profitability. Well, we reviewed 3 of the last authorized application “Vkontakte”. Sure the list of applications for the community will be updated with new developments to solve a variety of industry challenges.

And we, like you, believe that is not far off the day when “Vkontakte” will allow you to add in the slot community more than one application. By the way, we added our guide to authorized applications. It looks like this:

To download the PDF version in good quality here. Your Checkboxes.

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