Do you plan to emigrate to other countries

14 October 2015 at a meeting of the Public chamber of the Russian Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said that in a situation where the country does not own high-quality software and hardware, most it professionals would emigrate to other countries — to have access to the latest technologies and developments. The company Mail.Ru Group decided to find out what percentage of Russian University students in the it professions in the future plans to change the place of residence. The study involved 350 students from leading Moscow universities — the Moscow state technical University named.

Bauman, Moscow state University. University, MIPT and other.

8% of respondents expressed a desire to emigrate from the country forever. 17% would like to gain work experience abroad, and after return to Russia. 10% plan to work for a Russian company remotely. 47% of respondents believe that work experience abroad will have a positive impact on their career prospects in Russia. While most prospective country for the it specialist students consider the USA, in second place is Russia and the third countries of the European Union.

Edition invites readers to tell whether they choose to move to another country, and what reasons they move.


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