“Dodo Pizza” Was Mistakenly Transferred To Its Customers 10 Million Rubles For Already Paid Orders

According to the head of the company, an error has occurred during database migration from a test environment to a grocery database. At this point, the system erroneously decided that all paid online orders in period from 16 till 23 of December have been cancelled. In “Yandex.The cash register” (through which the company accepts payment — approx. Ed.) has left the team to cancel any transaction, after which the aggregator of payments massively returned the money on the card our clients.

Today we began to call customers and say that they somehow got back the money from the “Dodo Pizza” for previously made orders. Also today, our franchisees saw in private offices “Yandex.Money – ” huge amounts of customer returns, excess revenues over the last day many times. Each partner is working with “Yandex.The counter” through our website from your legal entity. The funds are already on the cards, so to remove them you need to prove to the acquiring Bank the legality of their actions.

In “Yandex.The money” managers “Dodo Pizza” explained that first encounter with such a heavy loss and that the company has no regular procedures for cancellation refund. Previously, the company separately associated with each Bank, but then the problem was in two or three transactions. Ovchinnikov said that the error caused by human factor, but to “punish” hes not going. However, he admits that 10 million now “a very large sum for the company”. Believe me, I really hate to publicly write about the fail at 10 million rubles.

We first and foremost I, as the CEO of the company, are entirely responsible for this mistake. Regardless of how the situation will be resolved, we will promptly compensate all the losses to our partners-franchisees. Head of PR-Department of “Yandex.Money” Eugene Arnautova said in the comments to the publication that the service team focuses on all levels. “If there is a way to handle this, well find him.”.

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