“Dog-animal” Service Dogs

My name is Cyril, Im 21. Has worked as analyst in the company “Ostrovok.ru” also develop their marketplace insurance products. In September 2016 I joined the team of “Dog-revelers” and now responsible for the operations of the company. “Dog-animal” is a city service dogs, which helps busy owners to walk their Pets.

Our customers work, study, go on business trips, on vacation or at the cottage, and you can just get sick or a little lazy. In all these cases, our vigurskii come and walk the dog. Natasha of Sapsila launched the “Dog-animal” in may 2016. Funny.

We went to the same school, but did not suspect about existence each other. For the launch of the 600 candidates selected 20 first Vivulskio who have passed a rigorous selection. Screening, testing, telephone interview, inquiry, examination, training and internships.

If at first I thought dryly. “Well cool, at least the service, and not another aggregator”, after the first trip to the range was amazed how burn the eyes of Vivulskio. They really superprofessionalnyh and love dogs. In the team back office now five people. Besides me and Natasha, we work with operational Manager who takes orders and communicates with uygulamasi, and two c experience at Deutsche Bank, Delivery Hero, Kreditech.

To pre-seed the project has attracted 300 thousand rubles from a private investor. Now in talks with funds and angels on attracting seed investments. We have already held more than 1,200 yards with almost zero marketing budget.

The cool thing about our business model is that we offer a regular service. On average in the first three months one customer ordered 17 yards. In addition to the selection of Vivulskio managed to debug the process of walking. The whole procedure is standardized.

Each Walker takes a special kit, a few leashes, collars and insuring the waist of the Walker, and adhering to corporate standards walking — they developed together with professionals for the correction of the behavior of dogs. All this guarantees the safety of the dog. After walking clients receive a report with a photo of your dog, the GPS map of the route and a small review of the Walker on how it went.

So far, all new clients come to us thanks to the free publications in the media and the recommendations of friends. The main goal for the next six months will be testing and scaling marketing channels. The demand must keep pace and offer. We develop an automated mechanism for the selection of the Walker under the customer order — such that the time to process and fulfill orders following the increase in the number of clients.

On the client side will be a website and mobile app with your personal account. There are dog owners will be able to pay paddock to view their schedule, add other services to put uygulamam assessment. For Vivulskio our guys create a chat bot that will specify their schedules and spread orders.

Plans for the year or two ahead of large-scale. Will introduce a new service for dog owners. House sitting, dog boarding, day care, drop-in visits, as well as nice additions to the range. In parallel we will go to new cities and countries, to create a cool community of owners of dogs and figuristov.

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