“Dont Ignore Absurd Things”: 10 Exercises For Development Of Creative Thinking From The Book “How To Find An Idea”

We look at the world through the prism of their own habits and prejudices. Often take familiar the decision for the only true, but it is missing many other features. Therefore, it is necessary to fight the habit of the brain to act only on the beaten road. All the time ask yourself the question. “What else can I do?” — it will help to find new ideas.

Exercise. Turn trash into something meaningful. What else can you do with newspaper after it was read.

“Creative people — the experts notes,” writes Professor guy Claxton. They have a better developed skill visual thinking. In the book “How to find an idea”, Ingledew advises to ignore it, to collect and use things that most people dont even see. Active curiosity might show that actually the world is full of ideas.

Exercise. Have you noticed that the shadows sometimes accidentally form the outlines of letters or numbers. New forms can be seen if you watch the play of light and shadow, movement of arrows on the dial or just the weather. Spontaneous marks to help uncover the essence of things. Often problems arise from information overload.

Therefore, you first need to clearly define what is the task with which you are faced. Then formulate it into a sentence of ten, five or even three words. Exercise. Ernest Hemingway could tell a whole story in six words.

You can try what was done by the writer, or slightly change the assignment. Try to fit a whole story in 140 character Twitter messages. Absurd was an important part of peoples art in the XIX and XX centuries. Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear used it in the literature, Monty Python put absurd comic rooms, the Dadaists and Surrealists used the absurd to create their works of art.

Exercise. Use visual language to create something absurd. Its supposed to hurt bystanders, to provoke them into any action, and even better — laugh.

Ready, successful and time-tested pattern could work in a different area. This often leads to the invention of useful things. Inventor Owen MacLaren used the system for aircraft landing gear to create a foldable baby carriage. James Dyson used the system for suction of sawdust at a sawmill in the development of home cleaner.

Both inventions have become commonplace elements of everyday life, and emerged through the application of old knowledge in a new area. Therefore, if you realize that have stalled and that your system is not working, try to use something from another sphere of activity. Exercise. Think about how you can apply the change of scenery in the theatre for the equipment of your workplace.

A small change of ordinary things can push on a new idea. It can be found by changing the point of view on a subject or changing the context in which it is. In 1917 at the exhibition Society of independent artists Marcel Duchamp presented his exhibit, “the Fountain”.

It was a urinal, laid flat. Thus, the changed context has become part of the artwork. Exercise. Select something invisible.

For example, go to the building material store and find an inexpensive product. Think about how it can be used in an unusual way. Ideas are very easy to transformation. The change in the shape or size of things can make you think in new and unexpected directions.

One idea gives birth to another. Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky gave classical music a visual language. He chose the color to denote emotion that causes the music, and used them to create paintings.

Exercise. Give the following words using typographical symbols as a visual, not linguistic tool. “lazy”, “happiness”, “loudly”, “softly”.

Improvisation is not “lazy” way to think. It is a way of thinking and acting that helps to make decisions in emergency situations, e.g. fire, shipwreck or in the fight. Exercise. The author proposes to perform an exercise called “the Creative path”.

It is similar to the project “Road food” when on the map marks the entire path of food from point of production to the dining table. Campaign to protect local food producers. Their products faster to reach the buyer, which means companies spend less resources on production. “Creative way” suggests that you only use what is at hand. Try to solve the problem using objects that are already on your Desk or in your bag.

First, it will teach you to improvise, and secondly, you free yourself from additional work that requires movement. To come up with ideas quickly and regularly, you need to understand the conditions in which it is easier for you to work. Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was thinking. “If we wait for the mood, not trying to call it their own, we will very quickly become lazy and apathetic”.

Exercise. Find out about how the creative process of famous people. For example, the German poet Friedrich Schiller said that he found it easier to work if he felt the smell of rotting apples.

. Remember what you know about yourself, about your family or about the world. As one of the producers of “the Simpsons” al Jean. “You get ideas from real life. They are the teachers who taught you the problems through which you have passed as a child, all the thoughts that you learned from books”.

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