Edition Of The Verge Described The Conditions Of Writing The Review Of The Project With Russian Roots JetSmarter: A Fine Of $2000 For Delay Of Publication

Edition of the Verge has published an article about a startup with Russian roots JetSmarter. According to the publication, the project management invited the reporter to write a positive review on the service and requested to provide credit card details of a journalist in case the survey will not be released on the website within 5 days. The project JetSmarter, founded by Moscow-born Sergey Petrossov, organizes budget flights on private jets.

The start-up representatives invited the journalist of the Verge to travel within the United States at the expense of the company and write a review of the service. In the words of the editors, reporters often receive similar sentences, “but none of them was as absurd as a request from JetSmarter”. The publication claims that the leadership of the startup asked the journalist to sign an agreement under which the reporter would undertake to provide the company with their credit card and a copy of proof of identity documents.

The startup has reserved the right to deduct $2000 from the account of a journalist in case he was canceling the day of departure, does not appear to fit or not publish a positive opinion on the draft within five days after the flight. According to the publication the Verge, the journalists refused the offer of the project. Startup JetSmarter was founded in 2012.

In December 2016 it has closed an investment round series C in the amount of $105 million. Among the project investors — the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and the popular singer Jay Z. In February 2017, on suspicion of fraud was arrested the President of the company Edward (Gennady) lordly. The California court accuses him of cheating investors of another project and fraud in the amount of $11 million.

Barsky was later released with the condition on his own recognizance from the country. He also resigned as President JetSmarter. Judicial session on business will take place in the first half of March. Petrossov told Forbes that business startups arrest is not affected.

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