Educational tests “Classmates” have helped attract a community project Arzamas 30 thousand new members

In the framework of the project “Schoolmates” used for several new platforms mechanic.

Promotion occurred only in the “Classmates”. Director of marketing and business development of the project “Schoolmates” has told about why the social network educational activity, as the management of the site evaluates the results and did some system errors during the campaign. Recently in the “OK” extremely popular educational and informative content.

A lot of examples. Active growth groups, the media, the interest in popular science topics, attention to broadcasts of significant events. First we came up with the idea to organize a “Week of Knowledge”, in conjunction with it by the first of September. Arzamas also liked the “Classmates” from the project with 404 pages, their content of interest to users, and game mechanics suit any audience.

The result in almost a million users for “OK” is not the limit, however, this is a very large number. To compare with anything that difficult because themed week we had launched for the first time. The main indicator of this campaign — even the reach, and engagement.

For fun, go to the group Arzamas on “OK”, there you can see how the users are of different ages actively participate in discussions about literature, film, art. This is a very valuable. The main aim of these projects for us — increasing the loyalty of existing users with new content and interesting mechanic, as well as attracting the attention of new audiences, in which “OK” yet.

Of course, reputation and image of the portion of such partnerships is important for us too. How else, if not on real examples, to show that at the site there is a place completely different formats and projects. About mechanics. Lung tests, but users have noted that the job history, where for 30 seconds to recall and write down the date, — the most difficult.

Tests of music to General knowledge questions seemed the most interesting. Speaking of bugs, we noticed that in the “Week of knowledge” support not received any complaints about errors tests or not functioning correctly. It happens very rarely, the mechanics of Arzamas were, on the one hand, a very simple, efficient.

This is not the first awareness campaign “Discover”. At the end of March 2015 Arzamas published excerpts from works of world literature instead of the message “Page not found” in the social network. Then the Director of Arzamas Daniel Peruses talked about the fact that in this way his project draws its community interested audience.


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