Eight Entrepreneurs, Who Invent The Future

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You need to prepare for an important meeting. Fortunately, technology is on your side. Artificial intelligence is not only planned your meeting — in consultation with your calendar and selecting the best time — but also prepared a dossier on people you meet. Meanwhile, a robot was sent into the vault to pick up a box of materials that you will need for the meeting.

Sounds futuristic. Possible. But all of these technologies already exist today. Work, as we know, volatile.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are developing rapidly and become commonplace. And young companies use these and other new technologies to solve common problems in the modern workplace. Here are the eight heads of companies who are changing todays methods of work and preparing the ground for new approaches, which we will use tomorrow. Chang is the founder and CEO of Accompany, which has developed an app that simplifies preparation for meetings.

For all events scheduled in calendar app is Accompany digital dossier of participants and their companies. The application is designed for managers, instructing aides to collect information about the people they meet. But it may find a much wider application, since it may predict personal differences, identify common interests or finding the perfect place to meet. “As soon as we find someone new in your calendar, you will receive a special summary that will come right to your Inbox while you sleep, says on the company website.

€? All you need to join the work — including occupational history, relevant news and key information about the company — you will have at hand”. Accompany the service receives information from company profiles, social networking and news. But it is easy to imagine that in the future he will use and other data, as it is now klassificeret Facebook users, determine their tastes and interests, to allow advertisers to target certain groups.

Chang opened the Accompany in 2013, immediately upon dismissal from a research group Google. Since then, the company has raised $40.5 million of financing. Chang, originally from Texas, went to Stanford, but now runs his company from Palo Alto, California. Although the Box is not the first service for sharing files, attracting the attention of the public in the coming years it may become a key player.

The Box combines tools for content management and collaboration with a well-designed workflow control. User-friendly cloud services give access to data and content regardless of device and location, which greatly simplifies the work of employees large companies. This service is one of the few that help enterprises to arrange a more flexible and mobile workplaces, and support employees working at home.

Levi is known to the tipping point happened when the Box was a young startup with a small income. After Citrix offered to buy the company for $600 million, Levi convinced the Board to reject the proposal. Now you can call it visionary. Boxs market capitalization exceeds $2 billion.

According to some observers, if today Butterfield wanted to sell his company, he could get it for $9 billion. But it seems that Butterfield wants to sell it. Instead, he recently caught Slack for funding by another $250 million. Thus, the valuation of a startup reached $5 billion, while in 2016 the company was estimated at $3.8 billion.

The increase in the cost of Slack demonstrates the rapid growth of the service popularity. The app is now used by four million active users per day, and the income this year exceeded $200 million. And this success is not surprising, given that Slack made a revolution in office communications. The application helps the employees to communicate freely with each other, reducing the need for email — especially in these horrible endless group emails.

Like other important tools of the future, the Front offers a service that makes life easier, and quite simply. This app provides a shared Inbox for teams working together. This significantly improves staff interaction with customers and with each other. In addition to the General mailbox, Front allows teams to control all interaction with the clients and customers by e — mail, SMS or chat.

The application helps to streamline processes that are often chaotic and annoying, and also allows you not to miss important messages. Colleen founded the company in 2013, while living in Paris. In 2015, the French entrepreneur joined Y Combinator and moved his team to San Francisco. Today the company has 43 employees and over 2,000 customers.

GitHub is a place where developers store, share and work on their applications. Its used for everything from programmers-beginners to engineers of a large technology firms such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft. GitHub supports millions of software open source projects.

The service became one of the most important companies in the world of programming. They use about 22 million programmers. About 117 thousand companies use the site to work on their projects, and strives GitHub to support open source, enterprise technology has become an area of joint work, copyright does not block innovation. This year Wanstrath, co-founder of the company, presented in GitHub services cloud hosting for enterprises.

Companies are increasingly refuse from placing a private data on your internal servers, and cloud hosting services such as GitHub, most likely, will take over the storage of these data. Wanstrath founded GitHub in 2008, and before that worked as a technology journalist at Cnet. In 2014, he became CEO of the startup, which was estimated then at $2 billion.

X. ai is based on proposals that are simple, but very useful. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze e-mails and automatically assign meeting. Personal assistants company known as Amy and Andrew Ingram, use knowledge of the personal schedules of users and their availability to respond to incoming requests for appointments and meetings. The AI analyzes the responses and then automatically sends invitations to the calendar.

The service helps save time and helps those who are torn between multiple meetings. In addition, users do not need to log in or use a password. They just put in a copy of the letter [email protected] or [email protected] to use this service.

Mortensen, a Danish entrepreneur based in new York, founded x.ai long — term goal is to get rid of incoming mail. Although Amy and Andrew still rely on email, they promise in the future to transfer time-consuming organizational and secretarial tasks in artificial intelligence. Office workers are unlikely to work shoulder to shoulder with robots in the near future. But thanks to Fetch Robotics industry logistics already looks pretty futuristic.

Fetch is developing Autonomous mobile robots that assist in for you. Robots work together with humans — they are used for transporting items that employees can focus on intellectual tasks. But more than that, Fetch is involved in the birth of a new era of coexistence of humans and robots.

In many ways, the robots Fetch work in the same way as self-driving cars. They use sensors and computers to move freely at their workplaces without being tied to a particular track, and use the maps to plan the most efficient routes. Robots Fetch “smart enough to recognize and respond to people, cars, forklift trucks and other things in the warehouse,” — said in a statement. Weiss many years working on robots.

She joined Fetch in 2014, and before that she headed Unbounded Robotics. Before that, she was a member of No. 2 Willow Garage, the now defunct startup, who gave the green light to the current prosperity of robotics. Innovative cloud service companies Okta simplifies managing passwords that their employees use to log into other cloud and online services. Okta saves staff time and increases the level of security, maintaining secure passwords.

The service is especially useful when employees are allowed to register for third-party sites using corporate accounts. For example, it can be used for storing the subscription for corporate newspaper or log on to the database. These credentials may apply to any employee who is included in the Okta service, regardless of whether it works inside or outside the corporate office.

Before founding Okta in 2009, McKinnon was an engineer at Salesforce, where his team grew from 15 to 250 people. Okta became the darling of wall street earlier this year thanks to the successful IPO, which brought the company a valuation of $2 billion. Now thanks to the good financial results of the companys shares hit a new high.

Because corporate executives are now very concerned about cyber security, Okta, McKinnon and can largely shape our work habits for years to come. Related articles:

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